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  1. Does anyone have any idea as to what this does, not in docs, Fractional target period offset ? Under bi-impulsive ( Hohmann) transfer to target. Thanks
  2. No luck, looks like all is lost. Would not be the first time I stated the game new :-(
  3. I see files in the history folder going back to a time before i did the change. Let me try and see what happens.
  4. I saved a ongoing KSP Dir under another name in order to test the new KSP Update install. After testing I decided to go back to my older rev. I have done this the past and things worked fine. This time when I did it ALL my mods were removed. Anyway to recover? I see there is a History folder, any help?? Thanks
  5. Does not seem to be any interest in this. MARK IT OFF as no longer working.
  6. I have no problem docking at docking ports, just can not dock the container on the Orbital Workshop to be assembled. I have this Question on another forum section and received no answer. So I thought I would broaden the exposure.
  7. Mod Global Construction. Container with ship kit in it to be assembled by the Orbital Workshop after is is docked. Seems I can’t dock it.
  8. I am having some problem's with docking a container, I cant seem to dock it on the Orbital Workshop. Expecting to be able to set the docking port on the Orbital Workshop, OWS, as the target and the and other port on the container as the control form here, I moved the container over to the OWS. I tried setting the container as "Target: Transport" as "target" no luck I tried setting the container as "Target: Construction" as "target" no luck I tried setting the container as "Target: Transport" as "control from here" no luck other than the tug backed into the OWS I tried se
  9. Done https://www.dropbox.com/s/add4tentyvvqvhb/OrbAssyLine.JPG?dl=0
  10. Did you use this, In-Place Construction? If yes then it would have been made. If it was not a option then the ship was to big
  11. There is a pop up that will tell you if the ship can be built in the Orbital assemble line.
  12. No Not what I'm talking about. I am talking about the the Orbital Assembly Line, the Orbital Assembly Space and the Orbital Workshop. Please reread my first post. Thanks
  13. Did this and it did not work. Not true, depends on the size of the ship, a small ship can be made with out having to move and dock it. Pls see video. Thanks for help.
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