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  1. Hello, I am starting this thread for people to share what for them just "clicked" for them. I'll give an example from just today... I have been searching the forum and YouTube trying to understand docking(specifically the rendezvous), I never could, at least not until today. I was looking at the physics of it and then it hit me like a rapidly decelerating crew cab Mk1. The way to rendezvous two ships in orbit is to take one into a higher or lower orbit to match velocities. I am sure for many of you this is child's play, but for me I had not realized it until a few minutes ago. I will provide a few pictures below, showing how I figured this out, but I am very glad that I did so because I can now build better space stations than one launch versions. Hope this sparks some discussion! https://imgur.com/jIs3efS https://imgur.com/IdOqvFb https://imgur.com/I6is6BB https://imgur.com/uVkMC2F (Edit: Hope that fixed it...) On to some Space Stations! Kommikazi