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  1. Never mind I found the mod. Apparently KerbalX listed it as this mod for some reason and I couldn't understand why my older crafts wouldn't load saying that the cockpit was missing. Thanks a lot anyways!
  2. I know this post is years old, but I keep getting errors when trying to import a craft file. I have both the addons installed and I keep getting this error when I try to import .craft files. But I can still import the .mu files for the individual parts. If anyone still reads this thread could they help me?
  3. am looking to make an ME 163 and the smallest control rotor is the perfect size, shape and blade count. but I am having trouble trying to get it to actually work like and individual engine instead of a control surface or rcs like engine
  4. I downloaded bd armory for ksp 1.3 and downloaded an m1 abrams craft form kerbalx and it said it needed bd armory and kerbal foundries which I had both of. But when I tried to load it in the sph it said I was missing the armor plates (keep in mind that the craft said it was made in 1.3) My question is, where do I download the armor plates for bd armory?
  5. I downloaded the mod and dragged it into GameData. do I need to do anything else? because the parts wont show up in the vab or sph
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