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  1. I've seen some Vessel viewer upgrades, and I was wondering if there had been some work done concerning IVA with Restock pods. Anything with MOARDv's IVA mod ?
  2. I have a question about the RK107 Ursa engine. It shows up in the R&D facility but not in the VAB/SPH. Is it a part for non MH owners to "fill a gap" (I have MH and BG installed)? If so, is there a way to hide it from R&D so my silly brain doesn't get confused ?
  3. Wow, cool. I'm not familiar with GitHub though, I'll check how to do this later. Thanks again !
  4. Very cool update !!!! Thanks a lot ! May I dare a suggestion for the next update ? Adding a top node (and shrouds?) on round tanks and parachutes. It'd be awesome especially with the rexperiment returnpart (that part blew my mind... how did we live without that ?!).
  5. Can the 1.8.1 include (non exhaustive): - inline 1.8 batteries - structural adapters (1.2 to 1.8 and 1.8 to 2.5) - 1.8 service bay (service modules are.... meh....) - 1.8 engine plate. I really think this shouldn't take to much time from squad (parts already exist, just not in these sizes) and it's really frustrating to not have them... (I know about MissingHistory mod, but I think it adds more parts than needed, plus these up there should be stock IMHO)
  6. Wow, great. I know the new engine broke many things about mods. Thanks for your awesome job !
  7. Hellow. So, to the best of anyone's knowledge, did 1.8 break KS3P ? If so, any known fix ? Cheers !
  8. Noice ! Can't wait for mods to catch up. Can we get a 1.825m service bay (not a huge fan of service modules here) in the next update ?
  9. Yup. I wouldn't be so rough but well, I'm using ReStock as well so.... I don't really care about this modification anyway.
  10. Music to my ears ! I'm also looking forward to the new 1.8 shaders.
  11. Make signal delay an option that is turned off by default. So hard core players happy, and regular players are happy. Make a stock kOS like script system. Turned off by default. So hardcore players are happy, and regular players are happy. But if it's not done so.... well, there will be mods anyway right ? I bet kOS will be running on KSP2 a few weeks after the release. Maybe even before if moders get an access to the beta.
  12. We agree on that point. And I advocate a system that encourage you to do incremental progress. I put brackets on the word because I think the first time you reach something (orbit, flybys, landing, bases, stations) should be done "poorly" and then the next time should work better. Hence the model I propose.
  13. Hello. I'm totally new to modding (I just know how to tune things in cfg files basically). I have a mod idea that would require the following actions : Remove or change science points from experiences, contracts, milestone and crafts recovery (I am not sure milestones have science points but....). I know how to do a MM patch for parts, but I never handled contracts/milestones/recoveries. Have the mod unlock tree node under certain conditions. Use milestones as a trigger. Could some one help me with the following : where can I find documentation and can I do this using common existing mods (CTT, CC) and config files or do I need to code things in C or a derivative. Thanks for your input.
  14. That's kind of why I meant : first get a low efficiency/problematic base close enough. Because you can fix it. Then move far with experience, and proven /upgraded techs. But I understand your point of testing high tech parts close. I don't know how it's going to be, but for instance, you can go to Duna with low tech, which is challenging and "frustrating" be cause you would love to have this or that part. Hence the Moar booster motto. Then, when "good stuff" is unlocked, designing a craft to go there becomes smoother and you can make more complex missions like space planes or a base there. I am not saying my suggestion is the best solution for KSP2. But it's really something I wish could happen. In the core game, or as a mod (I may have more free time next year to invest in KSP, and modding in particular).