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  1. @Nertea Hi. Great job on the last updates. I have a suggestion for the next update. A ring (similar to decouplers) with a fairing capability.
  2. In the VAB. I didn't have crafts with the parts in flight. The craft file was saved with a 2.5m engine plate, short, while playing on KSP 1.9.1 with the 1.8-compatible version of ReStock. After installing the last ReStock, on loading the craft in the VAB, it comes with the Boattail (dark) variant.
  3. @Nertea Hello and thanks for this 1.9 update !!! The last update of ReStock added some extra variants to engine plates. These variants appeared "before" the former variants. i.e on the selection, [short, medshort, med, medlong, long] became [bt1, bt2, bt3, bt4, short, medshort, med, medlong, long]. When I loaded a previous craft file, its "short" variant became a boat tail, messing up the design a bit. I guess it's something like variant[0] not referring to the same variant anymore. Is it possible to add the new variants at the end of the list for compatibility ?
  4. Thanks for the relese <3 I'll try it in an hour and let you know if I have flickering. Edit : Works like a charm. Love yah ! @blackrack
  5. Things I hope for : Stock 1.10 : - Fuel switch on all tanks (LF/LFO/Mono) with a revamp on tanks - Fairing revamp - Moar landing legs Beautiful Sky DLC : - Stock post processing - Stock clouds - Stock light scattering - Auroras/sandstorms/geysers on planets (I know there are mods for that, but.... make it stock, get full support) Confined DLC : - IVA ! With cameras, screens, buttons. All the stock informations accessible from IVA without the need for UI (i.e play with F2).
  6. @Skonks Thanks for mentioning me in the cfg files, but you can use a regular file name, I didn't help for the fame xD About fairings, I've been using SimpleAdjustableFairings, they work with MagpieMods (just need to make a cfg file, no tweaks required). I think it should work with Procedural fairings too, because in both case the fairing is a part. Stock fairings are a "function" (something built on the go) so that may be why it can't be accessed so easily.
  7. Been using it after seeing it from @linuxgurugamer stream on twitch. Sorry, I didn't find any bug..... I even patched it with MagpieMods for TU because I'm a P.I.M.P and I wanted a shiny fairing. Works like a charm. Thanks ! @blowfish
  8. Ok, I'm not in the audience for this one, but here's one for you : Thank you so much for your efforts and great job on this one !! <3 You, sir, deserve a statue next to the medical staff during our apocalypse ! (#secondDegree, even though I'm truly grateful for your work, and probably for your general awesomeness!)
  9. Hi everyone. A thread to thank all the developpers and modders who made and still make KSP an awesome experience. Special thanks during these trouble times when we all should stay at home ! Cheers !
  10. There's a breakdown in Kopernicus Expansion Continued : Kopernicus Expansion Continued - Comet Tail Kopernicus Expansion Continued - Common Kopernicus Expansion Continued - Emissive FX Kopernicus Expansion Continued - EVA Footprints And so on.
  11. @Gameslinx Great job ! I haven't found any "recent" info about Kopernicus Expansion. CKAN provides different parts. Which one does BH use (if any) ? I'm getting ready to explore planets after I fly a bit around Lua ! Can't wait. Thanks again for all the energy you've put into this treasure !
  12. Cool. Feel free to add my config to your mod. It's my humble contribution. Just drop me a cent if it makes you a millionaire. Any news on the mk2 parts being less shiny ?
  13. Awesome. I made the restock plus config file (I put everything in the "shiniest" setting).
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