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  1. Well.... to be fair to the modders, all the "new features" we've had recently were already accessible through mods.... The only advantage of having these features stock is not to wait after updates. That's the deal with modern games business plans. You start paying to play a v0.0.1 and the game is then never really finished/optimized and so heavily modded that it looks like Frankenstein's creature. But to make sure developpers still have money to (hopefully) work on optimizations and finalizing the game, it's DLCs.
  2. 7.7.2 has been released on CKAN. Any info ?
  3. Challyss

    KSP Loading... Moho Wrinkle Ridge

    Well, make the rest of the planet look as good as the forest on this picture, and we'll be good
  4. Challyss

    KSP Loading... Moho Wrinkle Ridge

    So.... After the Mohole, the Moho Zit ? ....
  5. Has potential. But the video just looks like a flag that gives science. Any hints about the game play ? Also, does it deploys on atmosphere-less planets ? Does the wind thing spins on the Mun ?
  6. That makes sense. I just saw your recent work on NF Solar. Looks great. Thanks again for your work !
  7. I still have the original 1.825 heat shield. Am I dumb ? (I know, the answer is most likely "yes")
  8. Thanks for the update. Let me know if there's any feedback on localization. What's the current status on MH parts ? I
  9. Restock is on CKAN, Restock+ is still 0.1.3. Oh oh, my bad. Thanks @HebaruSan
  10. Here is a general flight plan for the Mun. 1 - Get in a stable low Kerbin Orbit. Try to be as circular and equatorial as possible. 80 to 120 km is a good target if you're not experienced 2 - Plan a burn to have a flyby of the Mun. Aiming for a Mun Periapsis around 100km is a good target. 3 - Execute the manoeuver. If after the burn your Mun Periapsis is bellow 10 km, or within the Mun, you risk a collision. Point retrograde and execute a small burn to raise your Mun Pe. 4 - Cruise until you get near the Mun Pe. Point retrograde and burn until you have a stable orbit. 5 - Congratulations, you are now stranded in Mun orbit
  11. My pleasure. Whatever little stone to the cathedrale you're building !
  12. Seriously, love this mode ! I was trying to check the cfg files to add the 1825 heatshield, but it's a bit harder than I thought. Like.... I thought it was just about copy and paste, change a factor to resize, save, load KSP. Well, turned out there are some "assets", and dragboxes, and I guess I'll just wait. Oh, as I was there @Nertea :
  13. Agreed. I love the new pannel but I think it needs to be adjusted over the next updates.
  14. I'd love an option to chose the default mode for fairings, autostruts, or other modules.
  15. Challyss

    What issues have people been having with SAS?

    I have noticed it misbehaves when I have RCS on and lower the reaction wheels authority on my capsules.