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  1. The leaner the code the better. God only knows KSP could use all the performance it could get. Maybe this is the end for having to make builds with as little parts as possible or face the lag kraken ?
  2. In the same boat here m8. Have a huge contract pack in the works but the lack of testing tools is proving a major downer. The OP still lurks but he might be burned out or something. Quite tragic since this is the only gundam way to make good contracts and make career not suck.
  3. Thanks but I've already mastered orbits . The only things remaining are the contract descriptions (can't release something that bores people) and hoping for an update so I can test ingamesome of the more complex contracts. Since writing some lines of code and than testing proved to be a huge time sink on my non-SSD machine.
  4. This is AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Now procedural tanks can become a well implemented reality. No more 1001 parts that do almost the same thing. BTW will 1.4.5 follow or will there be a respire time until 1.5 ?
  5. Or you could land on Duna and Eve , not to hard and the science is in the buckets. Also an orbital science station provides molto scientia.
  6. Just boost rewards to 200% and get ScanSat for extra science. After you're done with the Mun and Minmus you'll be almost at the end of the tech tree. Also send fly-byes to Eve , Duna , Dres and Moho.
  7. The more bug fixes the better. Publishing a 3 year roadmap would be nice too.
  8. You are not a published biologist let get one thing straight . Your information is Wikipedia grade at best. The original radiation assumption holds true - the mutation acquiring rate for oocytes is much higher the the mutation acquiring rate for the seminiferous tubules . Even the body's response to a simple cold can induce mutations to the female reproductive system let alone prolonged exposure to various levels of ionizing radiation. However this does not constitute a reason for not training additional female cosmonauts. If you do want to look for a reason look at how high levels of stress impact the response time in each gender. The males tend to be able to better endure a very high stress situation such as a potentially fatal fire or malfunction. However this too could have been overcome by sending mixed teams. That solution comes with it's own set of problems , notably that the biologic impulse when confined for a long time in a place with a member of the opposite sex is to ignore orders and furfil the carnal desires. Suppression of this impulse takes away valuable time and mental capacity required for a mission. Given that the Soviet regime didn't cared about anything but blind obedience (else gulag) you could see how their demented perception of humanity would give them reasons to keep space sex free. Still the real reason probably lies in the fact that the Soviet space program was on a shoestring budget after the Apollo program.
  9. Noted - I'll squeeze in some of the contracts that don't require too much fiddling around and hold on to the more complex ones until you can get us some updates on the CC IDE. Thank you.
  10. @Kerbart The problem with 365 is it's aggressive push against traditional office coupled with it's complete lack of any security or privacy. No one working with sensitive data wants it due to it's inherent vulnerability but Microsoft is willing to take away your offline version and put you in their walled garden online. Not to mention THEY decide what to do with all your data . In the last 5+ years we had 5 major vulnerabilities for offline computers and dozens of major vulnerabilities for online systems. Transmission encryption is a joke with cyphers being severely outdated badly implemented , storage encryption is also getting there . Since they gave their rump to Uncle Sam via PRISM and other programs Microsoft dosen't have to disclose breaches as they happen since they know they won't be hit to hard with the law hammer. We depend on Office for productivity whether we like it or not , Microsoft knows that and it's been handling it in the worst possible way. I still have some hopes for Office 2019 since the 2016 release was just a change of colors and some bugfixes.
  11. Quite a difference from single player . All Bethesda's games needed was co-op Diablo II style but instead they decided to be stupid about it. If they give us offline mod with mods and co-op with mods it will be awesome. Otherwise we'll just have to keep smashing KSP with mod hammer and pray to Armstrong for more updates or DLCs.
  12. Are there any plan to allow this wonderful tool to be used by people making contract packs for the Career Mode ? While the community has put it blood , sweat and tears behind such efforts we have always struggled without an official system in place.
  13. You either use Kerbal Academy or you can use the debug tools to cheat. Your choice.
  14. They need two things to make that game a multi billion success. Have an offline mode and allow user mods otherwise it will be another tortured soul like TES Online.