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  1. i know I've posted in this thread quite a bit (sorry about that) and was wondering how progress goes for the mod? I understand summer break has recently started (I live in indiana) and that finals are over and imagne you've probably been busy but was just wondering. thanks!
  2. would the cargo be like a crate made of parts or a storage thing like liquid fuel etc or like a trailer that could fit in cargo planes. would you have a part that could work with something like Maritime Ships pack so all ships wouldn't have to be 500 part vessels or would the boats have to be stock (which might call the kraken depending on what you carry) but so far everything youve done sounds really good! keep going!
  3. Thank you the tanks function now. The helicopters i bet would have been pretty awesome to use (ive always wanted to make a ksp sea knight) and i hope this mod stays alive as the models are really really great. P.S are the tanks supposed to make noise when moving? P.P.s this is less important but do you know any good ksp mods for 1.6.2 that add prop engines? all the ones ive seen dont work and are outdated. Thank you keep up the good work!
  4. I just got this mod went back to 1.4.5 and got BDA for 1.2.x and the tanks and trucks dont work.....i also dont see any helicoter things i have SM ,AFV, OST, Marine, MIssiles, IM i mean all the stuff downloaded and ready but the tank treads spawn halfway in the ground and the engine does nothing (same for truck too) is there any fix? What links should i download from.. i mean these mods are really cool its sucks they sit there in the parts list for nothing. any help is appreciated i know the thread is old.
  5. I attempted to find this on CKAN and I've found the 2k, 4K and 8K versions but it says i dont have the right version for the actual pack I'm on KSP 1.4.5 with the making history DLC any help?
  6. I Have a bug I'm able to open all the VLS Launchers in the SPH but i cant when its been launched any help?
  7. I'd like to thank you Eskandare for not just leaving your great mods alone forever like most modders do! Respect
  8. Are you going to post Cities of Kerbin and supply and demand soon? p.s can CVX be updated to 1.4.x?