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  1. This post date from more 6 month,, just light it up to the author ... It's not if you see me in each mod asking for an update seriously ... and for info I have read the post before post mine, I acted in my name and conscious and take the entire responsibility for the punishment you will give me for this outrageous demand ... relax I never wanted to harass anyone, just cause the post is far far away and just to remember the moder than this mod have a public ... and you see it works cause we have news @icedown no matters, take your times, I don't ask when it would be released but IF it's planed ... I'll wait for a no buggy version it's better
  2. Hi, just to know, any update planed for 1.4.3 ? Sure my Research Bodies Program need that
  3. ok, I know Kerbal Academy, but it's not really what I want to use. I've already install it anyway.
  4. Hi, Just to know, how many time it take to a custom contract appear in the mission control ?
  5. perhaps are you looking for this one ?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a mod who can train the kerbal in a no cheaty way in 1.4 version of ksp. Something like this one thanks in advance for your answer
  7. Here is my test of the night, I just play normally and report in a text file all missions and failures, so you can see the good missions with no problems ... cause now we have missions with no problems (ok, short missions). so here is my report : So after some missions, I can give you my first analyse. In general this version work better than the old one, no more 7 failures on a 30 parts craft. I have like it I will give you some other test for the next missions
  8. Prerelease in my GameData folder. I play it in my career mod, but for testing it do you prefer we play it on a new career ?
  9. @severedsolo Cool, we can wait, let's test the new release Another thing, if you provide me a localization file I can do the french version for you if you're interested.
  10. min je sais j'insiste ... implique qu'il faudrait traduire le readme si c'est le terme utilisé dans la VF officielle il faut le garder La vitesse de libération, ou vitesse d'évasion ou d'échappement ( https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitesse_de_libération ) ... les trois se disent apparement. pareil, il faudrait utiliser le terme de la VF officielle, bien que pour moi évasion me semble le plus compréhensible.
  11. I'm in the same proportions . More you have the same parts more you know one will fail, fatally. On the other hand more same parts let you a way to find a way to go out to give you a feedback on my own experience: I'm new in the game, don't left kerbin at this point, but want a realistic game play so install your mod after my first game ... and restart career cause actually I'm always at a point I must. So send my second launch to achieve the orbit contract. Send a pilot in orbit, do some science experiment, my only one parachute fail in orbit can't go back to Kerbin. Not a matter, I make a rescue mission and try to do a rescue mission. Send my second pilot with two pods and try to do a rendez vous, never do that before, don't really have the technologies for that but I will try. put my second pilot in orbit try to cross the orbits, my engine fail ... So my two pilots are orbiting for eternity around Kerbin ... I restart a career. I can't take the decision to cut off the chute failure in game setting, I just reduce the value in the MM patch. I think its a good improvement at this time. what do you think about my prefailure stage concept? hard to implement ? I really think it can be a good improvement of your mod, but you are the creator so you take the decision
  12. Hi, First thanks for your mod who improve the game experience with immersive reality and thanks to work on his rebalance, cause it's very hard each launch ... so here are my own propositions to improve the realism 1) Massively reduce the failure rates (by at least a factor of 3, possibly as much as a factor of 10) Yes, a factor of 3 ( 7% ) or 4 (5%) must be a good thing but keep in mind than actually the base factor is 0.2 ( ie 20% ) so for a vessel of 30 parts the base chance at each launch is approximately 6 parts failure as base factor !!! last launch vessel 29 parts of gen 1 and gen 2 recovered parts => 7 failures 2) To balance the above, introduce a "recurring failure check" chance (ie it won't just happen on first load) - I'm thinking somewhere in the region of every 2-5 (real-time) minutes I think you must do more on this point : Parts have not the same complexity, parts are not the sames. Some parts fail at usage and it's not realist to see them fail not activated. I think you must divide parts in sub groups : a. Usage parts. when they are activated they can fails, but you can't know they failed before use them . this parts are used once and they not must be involved in the failure check, but checked at each usage parachutes for example b. Mechanical parts. this parts are robust they can fail but not very often.. and you must perhaps introduce a new failure mechanic for this parts : something like staged failure (hard to explain that with my lack of english but I will try). A engine is a mechanical part. At activation normal chance to have a failure (5-7% ? ), to simulate the failure in the launch phase or post activation the failure can be delayed in the first 10 seconds of activation). After activation chance of failure go down drastically so here you integrate a prefailure stage (pfs) with a chance of 3%. each 1-2 minutes of usage you do a prefailure test and if it is negative use this formula pfs=pfs+pfs/3 to increase the pfs for next test. If the test is positive, add a random number between 1 and half the actual % chance of failure (ie. chance of failure 20% add randomly something between 1 and 10%) and make a test for failure, positive = failure, if the test is negative pfs=pfs/3 An engineer must be able to predetermine a big failure chance because he heard some weird noise or things like that. more he gain experience earlier he know something is wrong. a base engineer must know a problem at something around 40% each star reduce by 5% so: 0 star : 40% 1 star : 35% 2 stars : 30 % 3 star : 25 % 4 star : 20 % 5 star : new aptitude, the percentage chance of failure is visible on the part (cause a skilled engineer can know a problem exist and understand his importance) A pilot must be able to determine the same things with navigational parts (motors, directional parts, etc ... at a higger % of failure chance ( cause he his not an engineer but he is a pilot and he can understand something is wrong at usage) perhaps something who start at 55% with -5% each star but no 5 stars aptitude like the engineer so a 0 star pilot 55% a 5 star pilot 30% like a 2 stars ingeneer The advantage to introduce the prefailure stage is the possibility to abort the mission before things go too bad, it give a strategic improvement to the mod. c. electronic parts This parts have a big fail chance at activation cause court circuit. something like the actual one. But after activated they must be tested really less often, perhaps each game month with the prefailure stage. this parts can't be detected like the mechanical one or with a special electronic part introduced by the mod if I say month test for electronic parts it's because I think unloaded vessel must be tested too, by usage parts have problems it's like that things works in reality And parts must be tested when they are in use, not in a global pretest (if all of that is possible to do) 3, 4 & 5 Completely agree with that
  13. Hi, I come to report than your mod doesn't work on my KSP install, but reading the last few posts and see your mod doesn't work with openGL.... gone back to DX and he works well So can you specify that in the first post.
  14. Hi @Galileo Hi have fail to install your mod I think When I start a game or continue my previous one, I have the view blocked on zoomed KSC with the sky flashing with black cloudy sky. I can't move the view and it never zoom out, I can go in the different buildings with the left menu so the game is not freeze and when I move the pointer on the screen the box of each buildings is showed, like if for the game the view is normally zoomed at start here is a zip with my logs and a screen of my gamedata folder. hope you have a solution for me , actually I must play without SVE http://dl.free.fr/hs9bsyvcT Regards DarkSlimus EDIT : SORRY TO WASTE YOUR TIME ....your mod isn't involved in my problem, I try to find who is the guilty one
  15. Merci à @valens pour les correctifs, trad envoyée a l'auteur du mod @DMagic en attendant la mise a jour voici la traduction corrigée que vous pouvez inserrer dans votre fichier de localisation