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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post (I apologize if it's not), but could someone help me figure out how to use the procedural fairings (i.e. insterstage base) properly in RP-1 and Realism Overhaul? I can't seem to get my second stage to decouple correctly. I've tried using both insterstage and payload fairings as well as using an actual decoupler. Thanks in advance.
  2. Could someone explain how to use the interstage fairings with RP-1 and Realism Overhaul? I can't seem to get my second stage to decouple from the interstage coupler. I have tried using both interstage and payload fairings but have had no success. Do I just have to use a stock decoupler? Thanks in advance
  3. Just getting back into RP-0/1 after a long semester at school. I just decided to do a clean install of all mods for RP-1. Is community tech tree required or needed for RP-1? I noticed on some Youtube videos of RP-1 play troughs that they have completely different tech trees.
  4. Hello, Would anyone happen to know how much charge is needed to get to the moon? I'm trying to perform some scientific gathering missions in orbit or during a fly-by of the moon. I have about 14,000 units of charge on my three stage rocket, but I run out of charge about half way to the moon (I have an able avionics unit for the lower and mid stage and early controllable probe for the upper). I have solar panels on the upper stage (around 4 medium solar panels) but they never seem to be able to charge up the procedural battery and charge on the early controllable probe. I've thought about adding a larger procedural battery, but the extra weight decreases my total delta v. Thanks!
  5. Not completely sure if this is due to realistic progression or not, but I do not have the capability to use maneuver nodes after circularizing. I have already upgraded the Tracking station and Mission control to level 2. I have noticed that I have the ability to place a maneuver node while I am ascending, but once I circularize or get close to doing so, the opportunity to place a node is no longer available. As soon as I reach orbit, my orbital line changes from the typical single blue line from vanilla KSP to three pink lines with one of those pink lines actually showing my spacecraft travel direction. Anyone know what the problem could be? I'm new to the forums and could post a screenshot, but I'm not exactly sure how to add an image to a post haha.