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  1. Got it. Thanks! I guess if the mini isn't supposed to have OS support then I need to come up with a new strategy to keep Bob and Bill alive as they're running out of air on Minmus.
  2. Hmm, the description says "The ISRU and mini ISRU converts Ore to LiquidFuel and Oxidizer, to MonoPropellant, or to OrganicSlurry and Air", so I assumed the mini should work too. As soon as I click on the mini ISRU in the VAB, it triggers the unending NullReferenceException. And here are the screenshots of the big vs mini ISRUs with the OrganicSlurry config: I don't think I have other mods that might affect the ISRUs; I'm on 1.12 and just using the stock ore.
  3. Hey, I love the mod! It definitely makes Kerbalism more digestible for noobs like me. I did encounter one bug with it today where a mini ISRU with ore can create LfO but not OrganicSlurry. It says "running" when clicked on, but nothing happens. I spotted a persistent NullReferenceException but I don't have the full error log yet (I'll get it in the morning).
  4. I had the same issue as KPOHbl4 and yes, disabling the "process manipulable-only parts" fixed it.
  5. Yeah, this keeps happening to my reusable boosters that I merge in for different payloads. Very frustrating...
  6. I have an issue where boil off is happening despite plenty of EC, probably only in timewarp. I've noticed two different ships now where cooling is enabled and they have plenty of EC and solar panels, but after timewarping several days, lots of fuel boil off happens.
  7. I have an issue where it makes no difference whether or not I have airbrakes deployed, the trajectory stays the same which results in me always undershooting my target when airbrakes are on. Anyone else dealing with this? I'm on 1.11 with FAR. It actually works for some custom airbrakes I made out of wings and alligator hinges, but not the actual stock parts.
  8. I'm running 2 Convert-O-Tron 250s on the same craft and heat output is 0 kW. Could it be that this doesn't work with MKS?
  9. This is still a big issue for me. Maybe it's because the experiments need to be deployed first? Either way, having the module lock up and not being able to restore it is a huge pain point.
  10. Yeah, speaking of which, my config to make it passable doesn't seem to be working at all. @PART[stackTriCoupler]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true surfaceAttachmentsPassable = true } } Any ideas?
  11. Nevermind, didn't realize radial connections are disabled for those crew cabins; makes sense. On another note, seems to me that the Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler should be passable, but that's just my opinion (and config).
  12. I can't transfer crew through either docking ports or even node connections... I guess this means CLS doesn't work for 1.11 yet? =(
  13. Trying the visual pack for the first time... something tells me Kerbin shouldn't look like this. Anyone know what's going on? In the meantime I'll try removing some mods to see if it makes a difference... Nevermind. I saw someone mention that this only happens in the menu.
  14. I'm having the exact same problem as kbluey. A part fails (the fuel tank for me), but there's no option for my engineer to fix it. There's only the options to inspect it and/or repair insulation. Here's the game log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wabCliU50okx_w7ppk5x-BMifDc_lTaf/view?usp=sharing
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