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  1. OMG I am such a wally It is indeed as easy as just going up, what a waste of precious Kerbin space funds!! Sorry guys, I achieved the mission, I just needed to go UP like everyone said! lol what a Newbie indeed Like in science, sometimes a person just has to come back to the initial first strategy and try it again..and follow the KISS strategy!
  2. I launch (slightly) eastward to try to make the trip as vertical as possible, meaning that the utopic goal would be to land almost back on the launch pad. But going vertical as you say (keeping prograde at 0º position during the entire flight) was my first bet, but although orbital speed is minimal at apoasis the surface velocity is too high at 42-46km, ~200-300 m/s.
  3. Thanks a lot for trying to help guys! Unfortunately no success so far... Thank you for the very nice welcome and for coasting the post to the right place! I have tried exactly what you have described before (and tried it again just to make sure) with the setup that I described. It this last attempt for example I reached the apoasis of 45km, having the altitude check box green since 42km I waited patiently (for not so many seconds... lol) for the speed check box to go green...but no game In summary the rocket went up passed 42km, reached the highest altitude of ~45 km, started to fall back to kerbin, and passed through 42km, taking little (high stupidity level) Iruna back home unharmed I am starting to suspect a bug, given that it is not the first buggish behaviour I encounter...maybe I should have stated before, I am running this in a ps4. Thank you Geonovast for the info, I didn't know about the run test option, might come in handy. I put some fuel on the flea booster just to provide some weight, I made several testing in sandbox before going for the real deal, and to achieve the most precise apoasis I found that a take-off aiming 80º East is best with the fuel amount combination I described originally. Thanks Corona (nice beer, but great bottle geometry for the perfect sip!), I made sure to first follow all tutorials with discipline, Prof. von Kerman gave me the same useful hint
  4. Hey Kerbinians! (?) Disclaimer: noob with positive attitude. My problem: Test RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster in flight over Kerbin Conditions to be met before staging: - flea booster (trivial) - kerbin (early carrer, so I am there) - flying (if I want to check the altitude marker it seems to be a requirement...check) - altitude 42,000 to 46,000 m (check) - speed 10 m/s to 110 m/s (???) So I managed to check everything except the speed with the following rocket (in order top down in the rocket reflected as well in the staging): - mk16 parachute - mk1 pod - tr-18a stack decoupler - flea booster with 14.0 (10% capacity) of solid fuel - tr-18a stack decoupler - hammer booster with 337.5 of solid fuel I manage to check everything (except speed) with an Orbital Speed between 10 and 110 m/s without going green, so I guess the contract wants me to achieve that range of velocity for the Superficial speed (could that be right?) I don't see another option the light simply never goes green!! Ever!... So I tried decreaseing surface velocity by conteracting the typical parabolic flight to as much vertical as possible (70-80º East) to be fully perpendicular to kerbin up and down. The lows I achieved was 111 m/s!!!! haaaa almost there... but it was just one time, normally it goes down to 150-170 m/s (with an orbital speed around 30 m/s). Can someone please help me clear this contract?