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  1. Hi, I'm doing some starship prototypes by miyself and I'm now trying to put a heatshield in the half of the tank, but doesn't exists good mods with tiles of heatshield, so I'm thinking in create a texture in SSTU to my tank where half tank will be these heatshield texture in the image and half will be the normal tank. Can someone explain to me if this possibility (of creating a new texture template for the tanks) exists? And how? This heatshield is the radiator with the texture changed, but I didn't liked the result, lol. The image: https://prnt.sc/u2jlb8
  2. where can I find this fairing or some fairing like that?
  3. do you will make the SNx's (the most interesting ones) ships? Just for fun. (Also the starhopper)
  4. Sorry sorry. I didn't read the translation. I tried to make the steps you told, so let me know if you received the translation file. I have future plans to translate your other mods too!
  5. Hi, I translated the Near Future Solar to Portuguese (Brazil), how do I send you the translation?
  6. Gente, como eu mudo o idioma do meu KSP (1.8.1) para Português? Eu infelizmente não uso a versão da Steam. Por favor, se puderem ajudar agradeço!
  7. Hi, I'm a totally newbie in 3D modeling, I never made a mod for KSP. So today I'm trying to modify a part to my own use, but I don't wanna make a course because is little things that I want to add and I do'nt wanna spent hours in tutorials to learn how to make windows and hatches. I have a X-37b model (of Contares NAM mod) and I want to turn it into a crew-manned spacecraft, with windows and a hatch with airlock on the right side, also make the wings separated parts. Some good soul could help me?
  8. can someone send a good picture of the starlink? awesome mod!!!!!