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  1. rib3irojr

    What planet mods do people want?

    A earth sized planet to potato computers!
  2. Oh, okay! go ahead and make this beautiful New Glenn, but do not forget the New Shepard!
  3. rib3irojr

    New Shepard

    I've been looking for a New Shepard mod for a long time. I've never met, I've tried to make this rocket, but for me it's very difficult, and I do not know why modders can not make a mod of this rocket !!! It's a simple, small, suborbital rocket, why did not anyone even make a New Shepard mod?
  4. Beautiful mod, I'm waiting for New Shepard!!!
  5. Is dead this mod? I'm still waiting for the New Shepard
  6. Oh, that's amazing The Erector can will be moved? Like the real erector's?
  7. Can you put to download your custom Transporter Erector? I'll be more happy with this! Also, beatiful and wonderful mod!
  8. Update* Sorry, i don't speak English very well
  9. This is so sad, it's the best ISS copy mod.
  10. Hi, this mod will have an atualization? Like cupola?
  11. Ohhh, looks beautiful. I love this mod because he take a "real" style in game, and with various types of launchpads will be wonderful!!
  12. My new base with Tundra Space Center, 3 different sizes, 1 VAB, 2 Hangars and 1 Runway. This base stay on a little island on Brazil.