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  1. This mod is very useful, I think you should put another link to download this mod. Please.
  2. Oh, okay... I think that I'll use SSTU on 1.3.1 or 1.2.2, because on these versions the mod runs perfectly!
  3. I've removing 'DefaultShaderAssignments-Engines - PBR' and now the engines are normal, but without reflections and metallic appareance (but this is not a problem to me), but all other parts that are metallic still are black, I think so because I don't have a good Video Graphics Adapter (It's just the HD Graphics 3000 of my I5-2450M), but if have just a option to remove all metallic and reflections appareances of the parts I think that SSTU will work.
  4. 1.) I did not find the 'SSTU-PBR', can you show me the localization of this file? 2.) I ever removes some stock parts to my KSP be more faster. But I'll put all stock files again.
  5. Oh, sorry! I've uploaded on Mega at this time: https://mega.nz/#!PTpCjQ4Q!jKcHpf8_Poc_8HB4lVSUUljgI0sgAFPeM3Twvj5vOTc
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m-eWkJ57HUiQg-_2HIZdP5JWYcgaQpVR/view
  7. Yes, I've installed all dependencies, but continues what I talked. And I'm using the -force-d3d11 too
  8. Hi, I downloaded the mod and it seems that all things are kind of "dark" / "black", as if they had no right texture. I also wanted to know how to turn off the chrome of objects
  9. A earth sized planet to potato computers!
  10. Oh, okay! go ahead and make this beautiful New Glenn, but do not forget the New Shepard!
  11. I've been looking for a New Shepard mod for a long time. I've never met, I've tried to make this rocket, but for me it's very difficult, and I do not know why modders can not make a mod of this rocket !!! It's a simple, small, suborbital rocket, why did not anyone even make a New Shepard mod?
  12. Can you put to download your custom Transporter Erector? I'll be more happy with this! Also, beatiful and wonderful mod!
  13. Ohhh, looks beautiful. I love this mod because he take a "real" style in game, and with various types of launchpads will be wonderful!!
  14. My new base with Tundra Space Center, 3 different sizes, 1 VAB, 2 Hangars and 1 Runway. This base stay on a little island on Brazil.