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  1. Ok we're looking good, Testing is all done, will post a mission report as soon as I've uploaded it all, probably tomorrow as I'm at work all day today. Timing seems OK although the drilling is the time consuming part, I suppose loads of drill will help there though. I chose to avoid land as much as possible and zip about over the ocean (lack of concentration and the low altitude caused me to crash into the ocean a couple of times though). The rover part was fun too! I did a suborbital hop and a power assisted parachute landing on the ice shelf (took a couple of attempts to hit the mark) The drive was pretty standard, glad I had an engineer on board to repair wheels, apparently 40/ms across ice is not kind to wheels (I slowed down after my second bust wheel) I'll start a leaderboard for best time once I've got my report in front of me. My time was quite leisurely and should be easily beatable, cant remember exactly but it was about 5 hours, it will show in my report (my navigation wasn't great either). So I'm happy to declare this challenge live!
  2. Thanks @Kerbalstar! I keep missing the boat on the micro-challenges, any reason they have a cut-off? Still testing mine out right now, I've been planting flags at the airfields to help me navigate to them, I have a plane that I think can do it without refuelling. Will be testing out the rover aspect tonight, the hard part is transporting it to the ice shelf, I'm going to try a suborbital hop to get me there and parachute down failing that it'll have to be a cargo plane. All looks good so far though, the only bit I'm unsure of is the six hour time limit. As this is my first time trying to create a challenge I'm not expecting it to be hugely popular but will be nice to see if I'm on the right track! I may have left it a little late though as Christmas is coming up fast!
  3. Thanks, that's a good site! So switching for an i7 would be my best bet but not a huge gain over an i5 (with regards to KSP) if I'm reading correctly?
  4. Time to purchase a new gaming rig, been without since 2014, making do by playing KSP on PS4, which isn't too bad, I enjoy stock but I also want to try mods and want to be much less restricted by part count and have the latest version! Also 4K. The specs of the rig I currently favour are as follows (will also be playing other games like CIV, two-point hospital and the likes): AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight Core/Sixteen Thread Processor (4.3 GHZ) 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RGB Memory RX Vega 56 8GB Graphics 512 GB SSD 2tb HDD How do you think this will work with KSP, could I go absolutely mad with mods and monster builds? Is there a more suitable processor (not sure if I'll benefit much from the 16 threads). I get the basics of what I need but I don't know if I could do more with less, perhaps the GPU could be better? I am no expert with computers. Any advice will be appreciated
  5. Tis Christmas eve and Santa AKA Nicholas Kerman has Crashed his sleigh into the Northern Ice shelf after his elf's forgot to feed the reindeers. Out of desperation Santa has requested the help of the KSC to save Christmas! Your mission, If you choose to accept, is as follows: Rescue Santa and his reindeers and return them to the north pole for 'regeneration', then complete his Christmas deliveries. Santa Rescue: Due to his robust size Santa cannot fly on non magical craft so you must deliver a rover to collect Santa and his 8 reindeers and drop them at the north pole. Santa requires the space of 6 kerbals (too many mince pies) and cannot fit inside parts less than 2.5m in diameter, his reindeers require the space of 2 Kerbals each and cannot share a part with Santa. Christmas Delivery: Santa cannot complete his Christmas deliveries due to the crash and has requested the help of the KSC! Unfortunately, as a result of the impact, all the presents are buried deep in the ice shelf, to recover them you must drill into the ice and collect all 750 presents (ore) once recovered the gifts must be delivered to each runway (island, dessert and KSC runway, 250 ore each) Santa's failure must not be made public therefore this part of the mission is to be carried out covertly, to avoid radar detectors a maximum altitude of 1500m above sea level is permissible, you must avoid any land mass that will force you above this height. Sonic booms will alert the media therefore a maximum speed of 300m/s over land is allowed during the deliveries. There is no speed limit over water. You have six hours to collect the presents and make all deliveries. Rules: 1) Mods are allowed unless they give an unfair advantage. 2) The presents must be delivered using one craft, refuelling is allowed but the 'present' ore cannot be used for this. 3)Santa and all reindeer must be recovered to the north pole using one rover. 4) Santa can be collected anywhere within the northern ice shelf biome and the rover can be delivered with any craft you wish, plant a flag as close to the centre of the ice cap as (exact coordinate are not necessary. 5)Mission reports including screenshots or video's of important milestones shown. 6) Extra Kudos for using 'christmasy' craft!
  6. Just built my new Mun/Minmus tourist lander. I keep one of these at each of my mun/minmus space stations. Can do several hops on Minmus but requires fairly efficient landing to make it back up from the Mun. carries 6 kerbals, manned or unmanned operation possible, although I always have a pilot on board just incase of a comms blackspot. Stock (ps4).
  7. Delta-v please! I keep running out of beermats! But in all seriousness this is very good news, I look forward the having access to at least some revamped parts and variants, thanks @SQUAD
  8. This is mostly correct but there is a lower limit to this in each gear (1st is usually about 900rpm), the lurching/juddering you feel when in a high gear/lowspeed is the engine beginning to stall, No cylinder or barrel is perfectly identical so not all combustion chambers will stall at the same rpm. What you are feeling is essentially the same as a mis-firing engine - one or more cylinders cannot compress/ignite the fuel properly because of the resistance caused by trying to turn a larger gear at too low speed, basically the extra resistance prevents the piston from rising back to the top of the cylinder with enough force to 'squeeze' the fuel air mixure this leads to less or no 'bang' from that cylinder this will slow the engine rpm further leading to a stall or if not quite enough judder. All this is also effected by engine temperature. 4-stroke cycle - Suck (inlet valve opens to allow fuel and air in) Squeeze (the fuel and air above the piston) Bang (spark plug ignites compressed fuel/air forcing the piston back down) Blow (exhaust valve opens to allow exhaust gasses to escape). Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow! All in one revolution, beautiful if you ask me. As a side note, its is perfectly ok to shift gear without using the clutch provide you time it right, bad timing WILL damage your gearbox so I wouldn't recommend it unless your pretty confident you know what your doing.
  9. Well this was WAY harder than I thought it would be! I have a craft that can take off and stay in the air although it wants to roll constantly and landing is .... challenging. It uses 1x ant, 1x spark, 1x juno , 1x Whiplash and 1x panther. I forgot to take a screenshot after landing and to display COM, COL, COT in the SPH I can re-do it over the weekend if you require them. Major Kudos to you crazy cats building SSTO's!
  10. I've got a transfer window for Dres coming up In my career pretty soon. Thinking of sending 3 relay sats, one scansat, a research ground base and rover to circumnavigate (might aswell get an elkano challenge in too!) plus an orbital base, would this qualify? I may also attempt smashing an asteroid/dresteriod into the Kraken, you know, cause it deserves it! This may take some time though as I have a few missions on going (Duna/ike, Eve/gilly) and am trying to avoid time warping too much.
  11. @boolybooly It was the same craft (R8-ZR), 500 units of mono from the plane into the station mono tanks, landed back at runway with no parts lost. I'll get a screenie next time, turns out my Mun station is low too (haven't unlocked drill or isru yet). If you want to wait for a proper report I will be launching my polar relay soonish as I believe it will result in the same award? Will be interesting hitting the runway from polar orbit too! I know you work off the honour system but id be happier proving it.
  12. Yay my first badge . I did do the monoprop delivery last night but didn't take any screenshots as it would be pretty much the same as previous report, got a satellite to drop into polar orbit which should be doable with this though!. Working on a bigger version for cargo now may enter that for something once I'm happy with it (doesn't reach orbit right now).
  13. Please Please Please bring this to consoles ASAP! This would make my KSP life so much better!
  14. Welcome to the forums! I had this problem on one of my career saves too, also on PS4, unfortunately couldn't never get it working, can you remember your last save? Mine happened when I had a rather large base loaded on the mun (800+ parts) which admittedly is pushing it for console. I have heard others say that High part count builds, on planet surfaces, with too much flex can lead to corrupt save files after too many saves, could be the issue I had although I cannot confirm that myself. I had to start over I'm afraid.
  15. Yeh thought there would be, that pretty much does the job the only thing I'd also want to add is a rover hanger nearby to load the craft from, save clogging the runway. If only they could bring mods to ps4, can't see that happening though, might have to just bite the bullet and get a new rig.