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  1. Aquaticfantastic

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    Delta-v please! I keep running out of beermats! But in all seriousness this is very good news, I look forward the having access to at least some revamped parts and variants, thanks @SQUAD
  2. Aquaticfantastic

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    This is mostly correct but there is a lower limit to this in each gear (1st is usually about 900rpm), the lurching/juddering you feel when in a high gear/lowspeed is the engine beginning to stall, No cylinder or barrel is perfectly identical so not all combustion chambers will stall at the same rpm. What you are feeling is essentially the same as a mis-firing engine - one or more cylinders cannot compress/ignite the fuel properly because of the resistance caused by trying to turn a larger gear at too low speed, basically the extra resistance prevents the piston from rising back to the top of the cylinder with enough force to 'squeeze' the fuel air mixure this leads to less or no 'bang' from that cylinder this will slow the engine rpm further leading to a stall or if not quite enough judder. All this is also effected by engine temperature. 4-stroke cycle - Suck (inlet valve opens to allow fuel and air in) Squeeze (the fuel and air above the piston) Bang (spark plug ignites compressed fuel/air forcing the piston back down) Blow (exhaust valve opens to allow exhaust gasses to escape). Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow! All in one revolution, beautiful if you ask me. As a side note, its is perfectly ok to shift gear without using the clutch provide you time it right, bad timing WILL damage your gearbox so I wouldn't recommend it unless your pretty confident you know what your doing.
  3. Aquaticfantastic

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Well this was WAY harder than I thought it would be! I have a craft that can take off and stay in the air although it wants to roll constantly and landing is .... challenging. It uses 1x ant, 1x spark, 1x juno , 1x Whiplash and 1x panther. I forgot to take a screenshot after landing and to display COM, COL, COT in the SPH I can re-do it over the weekend if you require them. Major Kudos to you crazy cats building SSTO's!
  4. I've got a transfer window for Dres coming up In my career pretty soon. Thinking of sending 3 relay sats, one scansat, a research ground base and rover to circumnavigate (might aswell get an elkano challenge in too!) plus an orbital base, would this qualify? I may also attempt smashing an asteroid/dresteriod into the Kraken, you know, cause it deserves it! This may take some time though as I have a few missions on going (Duna/ike, Eve/gilly) and am trying to avoid time warping too much.
  5. @boolybooly It was the same craft (R8-ZR), 500 units of mono from the plane into the station mono tanks, landed back at runway with no parts lost. I'll get a screenie next time, turns out my Mun station is low too (haven't unlocked drill or isru yet). If you want to wait for a proper report I will be launching my polar relay soonish as I believe it will result in the same award? Will be interesting hitting the runway from polar orbit too! I know you work off the honour system but id be happier proving it.
  6. Yay my first badge . I did do the monoprop delivery last night but didn't take any screenshots as it would be pretty much the same as previous report, got a satellite to drop into polar orbit which should be doable with this though!. Working on a bigger version for cargo now may enter that for something once I'm happy with it (doesn't reach orbit right now).
  7. Aquaticfantastic

    KSP Loading... Preview: The Δv per Stage Display

    Please Please Please bring this to consoles ASAP! This would make my KSP life so much better!
  8. Aquaticfantastic

    Ps4 enhanced edition not loading save

    Welcome to the forums! I had this problem on one of my career saves too, also on PS4, unfortunately couldn't never get it working, can you remember your last save? Mine happened when I had a rather large base loaded on the mun (800+ parts) which admittedly is pushing it for console. I have heard others say that High part count builds, on planet surfaces, with too much flex can lead to corrupt save files after too many saves, could be the issue I had although I cannot confirm that myself. I had to start over I'm afraid.
  9. Aquaticfantastic

    Pick Kerbals up from the astronaut complex

    Yeh thought there would be, that pretty much does the job the only thing I'd also want to add is a rover hanger nearby to load the craft from, save clogging the runway. If only they could bring mods to ps4, can't see that happening though, might have to just bite the bullet and get a new rig.
  10. Aquaticfantastic

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Oooh! This looks fun! I might have a go after work if its still going? On PS4 if that's ok?
  11. I think this would be pretty cool for a bit of added role play. So I'm sure many of us have built support vehicles for the KSC, plane taxi's, crew transport vehicles even launch towers and such, but there not really useful. Now if we where able to, say, drive up to the astronaut complex and then have the ability to select Kerbals to load on/off said vehicle then drive them around the KSC say to a plane on the runway/rocket on launchpad to load them up, I think that we could see some really cool functional support items, like a scalable launch tower that takes Kerbals to the pod door, or airstairs for example. Obviously we could still play as normal and completely ignore the feature if we so choose, I just think It could add some more useful role-play options for those who want it. Just an idea, feel free to shoot me down if its not tenable I know very little about coding and such. There's probably some sort of Mod that does something similar, alas i'm on ps4.
  12. Aquaticfantastic

    What personality do you give your Kerbals?

    These are really good guy/gals! I'll have a go. Jeb: Ace-pilot, renegade. Tired of beaurocracy slowing down the KSP, Jeb became the first Kerbal to reach space by duct taping himself atop KSC's prototype SRB booster. With no parachute to slow his fall KSC engineers attributed his survival to the highly classified Krakonian composite spacesuit Jeb stole from the research centre prior to launch. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive media reaction KSC head honcho's decided to pass the mission off as a planned exercise, Jeb promptly became a hero of Kerbal kind thus saving his career. Will drink rocket fuel if you dare him. Bob: Senior Field Scientist, Kobel prize winner for his advances in mystery goo research. Due to his risk averse nature the KSC administration decided to send bill on the first flight around the Mun, primarily to prevent Jeb from making an unauthorized landing. Has a hand carved collection of model Krakens. Bill: Chief engineer, inventor of the EAS-4 strut connector paving the way for ever larger rockets. Bill has spent the last year on Minmus setting up mining operations for further exploration. Recent analysis of CCTV footage from the Minmus Mining outpost suggest Bill has named his Kerball Trevor and takes him everywhere. Isolation may be getting to him. Val: Ex-navy Pilot, Currently working in the SSTO program as test pilot. VAL is a reserved Kerbal who always flies by the book. Enjoys walks along the KSC beach in her downtime. Does not agree with Jebs reckless attitude to spaceflight. Can be found in local dive bars after test flights, usually drinking alone. Trolls Flat Kerballers online.
  13. Ok here it is, my K prize entry with R8-ZR - Flies like a butterfly, stings like the sharp end of a serrated blade!. This was really fun to build and fly and had the added bonus of being the final step in full reusability out to Minmus. I should have got into space planes a loonnggg time ago! All done on PS4 so fully stock, no mods. Full report in spoiler s. I wish I made a video, that landing was silky smooth Would I get anything for delivering 500 units of mono prop to the same station? I'm running low up there anyway so I might work it into my next flight.
  14. Aquaticfantastic

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Thanks! The canards are overkill but I like the look and flies pretty well, requires a fair bit of input on re-entry to prevent flipping but that could just be down to my piloting. I've been exclusively rockets up to this point.
  15. Aquaticfantastic

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    My first functional SSTO! R8-ZR. Designed for crew transfer at my 150x150km kerbin station (K.I.P Kerbin interplanetary portal) Flies really well, just set to 10 degrees and switch the crapiers at 20km or when you start bleeding speed. Can glide to the KSP pretty well although there's enough Lf to fly it back if your not great at hitting the runway from orbit (which i'm not, came down above the dessert on my first try, had to go into a dead stall to hit it on my second) I forgot to put rcs thrusters for left/right translation so docking was a pain! Will be sorting that for my K prize entry. @boolybooly Expect my entry in the coming days . PS4 Enhanced edition