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  1. Today, I went to the Mun and Minmus with three tourists and came back. I just want to share with you guys the beauty landing with a rising Sun. I did it while listening the Interstellar Main Theme and it was pretty awesome : Here is another view for a Science Rocket :
  2. Thank you for this awesome guide !
  3. Hello everyone, As @Firemetal mentionned to pos in the right section, I would like to suggest a teamspeak or discord or any other live chat vocal/text for every KSP players. I think it would be super great for discussions, help, meet people and also why not, playing together . If you are up to, I can try to create one and get some information about the management. What do you think ?
  4. Today, I constructed my station's part names UKC (United Kindgom Corporation) around MHO with only simples modules like Science Junior, Solar Panel and Pods for Kerbonaut. I'm pretty proud of the orbital rendez vous and docking after so many trainings in the tutorial, I actually made it
  5. Don't worry fire, it was for kerballito;) i will post something in the right section ! Thanks again
  6. Hello guys ! I saw there is a French member a discord could be a super cool idea actually ! Do I need to ask someone for that ?
  7. Hello, thank for the reply, no worries for the team speak :) it was just a question.
  8. Hi Guys ! I present myself, Antoine, 21 years old french guy who actually live in Germany ;) I have discovered this AWESOME website with all the knowledge and information you can get from KSP. I'm sure I gonna have a good time and I will be super happy to meet some people from this community. Is there any teamspeak or voice server ? I saw the IRC chat but I'm not sure if we can speak int... Thanks in advance to reading me and I wish you all a very good day ! See you around Nymon
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