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  1. Cool! Thanks. I guess I don't know the names of my own parts.
  2. The numbers are the distance the gantry can move but without the decimal. 0.5m, 1.15m, 2.3m, 2.3m, 4.0m, 7.7m Z and C don't mean anything.
  3. Love your mod! I made a stereoscopic camera. Cross your eyes: Or use red-blue glasses: https://imgur.com/a/TrLcFbH
  4. @linuxgurugamer Yes please! That would be very helpful.
  5. Adds a number of robotic parts that are "missing" from the breaking ground DLC. Includes: Gantries of various sizes. Good for elevators, cranes Looks very stock Hinges fold flat and out to an oblique angle. good for rover ramps Looks very stock Rover arm parts. good for rover arms. very light but weak and slow moving Not so stock looking. Inspired by the curiosity rover. Pivot joint Combines with a second, perpendicular pivot to form a 2 directional pivo
  6. Simple question? I am writing a small plugin and I need to to get the part that is docked to a docking port. I have figured out how to get part that is Attached to the port in the VAB but if it has been Docked later the part doesn't show up (I think because "docked" is not the same as "attached", ...right?). This is my code to get the attached part: public List<Part> GetPartsAlreadyAttached() { cp.Clear(); AttachNode DockingAttachNode = DockingPortA.topNode; if (DockingAttachNode.attachedPart != null) {
  7. Thanks! I can manage that... I think. I have my unity all set up for creating parts and iva's etc.
  8. Aw man, I just noticed the notifications. At first I thought the lack of response think no one was interested so I had stopped checking. Anyway, now I will get working on it! I'm definitely still looking for contributors and ideas for articles.
  9. Science Mysteries! Discover the Secrets of the Kerbol System The problem: So you've done it! You flew all the way over to another world and landed (some-what) softly. Now to send some science back and... oh, that's it. Hmm. So, great, you get to unlock something on your tech tree, but what did this science you sent back even mean? What did the scientific community learn about your destination? We never really find out except for the vague or funny message that displays when you collect the science. There is so much more we could learn about the Kerbol system! Some idea
  10. Love this mod! I am just playing around making plugins and I'm trying to attach spawned vessels to docking ports but I haven't been able to figure it out. This mod already has this ability so can I get your source code for this mod? I tried to get it from git hub but it was already compiled. Thanks taking over this mod!
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