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  1. Wow thanks a ton that worked perfectly and was easier than I was expecting! Really do appreciate that!
  2. Hey there, quick question: Is there any easy way of changing the name of resource in the config from "Consumables" to something like "Snacks"? Thanks!
  3. Always loved this mod! I do have a question though: I'm doing some testing with mods and I have a Career mode save that has Event Horizon installed. I am trying to uninstall the mod (I'm wanting to remove it for now and add it back at a later date when my career is more advanced) but any time I uninstall the mod (removing all files and folders that were included in the zipped file) the next time I load the save game, none of my ships are still in flight (except the crafts marked as Debris for some reason) and the time is reset back to Year 1 Day 1. Then, when trying to load a previous save file, the console is flooded with NullReffrences. Reinstalling the mod again clears up the issue and the save file loads like normal. I'm not sure if there are any extra steps that I need to take before uninstalling the mod or if it's just some strange conflict with another mod. (If it's the latter, I don't expect anyone to know the answer off the bat, I can share mod list and such at another time). Don't have access to mod list or logs at this time but I figured I'd type this up now (since it will have to be approved by a moderator). EDIT: Moderators rule! Post was approved in minutes!
  4. @GrandProtectorDark - First: AMAZING mod! One of my favorites EVER in fact. Second: Is there a file I can tweak to make the "rings" around Murph and Klaus spin slower? They spin quite fast for my taste and I was wondering if there is someway I could tweak them. IF there is a way, I may be able to find it after digging around a bit, but I figured I would ask you first. Feel free to DM me instructions (if it is possible) if that is easier for you.
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