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  1. Hey Navot, I was just wondering if you'd ever considered adding your decoupler shroud function to engine plates? EDIT Reason I'm asking is that sometimes I use decoupler shroud to override stock shrouds, but I can't do this with engine plates as the decoupler shroud function is not available with the engine plates
  2. Hey, was just wondering if you'd considered adding new Launch Escape Systems for the mk1 command pod, the mk2 command pod and a redone stock launch escape system for the stock mk1-3 command pod?
  3. Yes. You need to whitelist the stock Mk1-3 Command Pod, then create a new configuration file I’ve quoted myself below. I also stated where I saved it to That will give you both versions of the command pod
  4. @Streetwind Added this config file +PART[mk1-3pod]:NEEDS[ReStock]:FIRST { @name = mk1-3pod-old @title = Mk1-3L Command Pod @description = Many Kerbals have asked what the 'L' means. Verner's answer was beyond simple. "This is the old version of the Mk1-3 Command Pod. It does not mean 'Lunch!'" } GameData>Mk1-3L>Mk1-3L.cfg
  5. I know next to nothing about module manager, unfortunately. I've created new parts before, but only through copying stock config files, changing the part names and tweaking variables and have never published anything. What I'd really like to do is learn how create true variants like you have with the mk 1 command pod, the cheetah engine and the stock version of the F-1 (I forget what it's called)
  6. Done... Got the original mk1-3 command pod back!!!!! Yes
  7. Really nice mod and much better than stock My only quibble is with the mk1-3 Command Pod which no longer fits sumghai's excellent SDHI Service Module. I've tried whitelisting the stock mk1-3 Command Pod to get it back but to no effect. Would be nice if the part was switchable as I really don't want to remove the restock version mk1-3 command pod
  8. Jeb and Val are really looking forward to that improvement Jeb said it was a fun ride not knowing if the chutes are deployed or not while Val was quoted as saying "Really glad they managed to squeeze though the gaps in the fairing! Otherwise I might be dead or have a broken back...
  9. Thanks... wasn't sure if that was a bug or not. I noticed it during a LAS test of a rocket I was putting together
  10. Question... Is there a fairing that is meant to disappear to show the interior of the parachute bay when the parachutes deploy? Just asking since that was something that occurred on the previous parachutes and does not seem to occur with the new one...
  11. My first truly descent spacecraft... I think White Knight I More pics to follow Mods Used Bluedog DB Making History DLC Modular Rocket Systems Near Future Spacecraft Squad (stock) Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Service Module System TweakScale - Rescale Everything! Decoupler Shroud Action Groups Deploy antennae and solar panels N/A N/A 0 = Jettison LES Tower, Orbital Module and deploy parachutes after a launch abortion N/A N/A N/A Jettison Orbital Module Jettison Service Module 0. Jettison LES Tower, Orbital Module and deploy parachutes after launch abortion Abort. Abort Launch Description Developed for the UK Space Agency, by KAE Systems and based heavily on both the USK’s Saturn V and the USSK’s Soyuz-U Rockets, the White Knight is the United Kingdom of Kerbin's first kerbal-rated expendable rocket. It is a three stage liquid fueled super heavy-lift launch vehicle developed to support the UK's Hyperion Program for continued kebal exploration of the Mun and Beyond following the completion of the United State's Apollo Program. As the UK does not yet have a launch site of their own, the White Knight I is currently launched from Kerbin Space Center in the USK from the same pad as the venerable Saturn V. Despite the White Knight 1 having only launched once, it has already been deemed a success after safely launching the Hyperion CSM with three experienced Kerbals into a 150km Kerbin orbit. Originally the intention was to orbit Kerbin five times then return to water landing, however noticing that the third stage still had plenty of fuel on board, Jebediah, with much arguing between Bill and Bob, decided to send the Hyperion CSM on a test flight to the Mun and back as wanted to try out the new orbital module on a long distance trip. The second flight will be unmanned, testing the rocket for use as a payload delivery vehicle... Specifications 136 Parts 3 crew Height = 45.4m Width = 7.4m Length = 8.1m 382.89 tons Performance Reaches orbit easily with the 2nd stage burning out and separating just prior to leaving the atmosphere. The third stage is used to establish stable orbit and perform trans-munar or trans planetary injections.... Craft file
  12. No idea... But ever since I installed it, I've not once used the stock shrouds