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  1. always forget about that little fact... Guess I've gotten too used to seeing launches at any time of the day...
  2. Wonder if SpaceX will ever do a mission like this...?
  3. [Cough]. Other mods which depend on later MM versions, and come packaged with said later version, don't work with previous MM versions. Also, if I leave said previous version of MM present, then the newer version of MM delete's said older version creating a Catch-22.
  4. Unfortunately, it doesn't. That's why I started this mod. See the very first post...
  5. A little stuck... Engine does work, but I'm not getting any engine effects or sound. I've looked at the code, and can't see anything wrong. Need some fresh eyes to look at it Engine config
  6. Begun work on a new engine... Description for the engine is as follows When KAE Systems made the decision to develop their own rocket engine, they began looking around, and found what appeared to be a used engine with four nozzles that appeared to have fallen off a Krussian rocket. Taking it apart, our engineers quickly got to work on building a better more powerful engine. Instead of steering through the use of gimbals, it uses reaction wheels to steer. No real functionality, yet but as you can guess, it will contain some similarities to the KV-7 Kodiak, be more powerful a
  7. Just released Version Mod now includes an improved version of the RK-7 "Kodiak", It shows as a new engine called the RK-7A "Kodiak" which increases thrust by 5% and extends the ISP to 315 seconds at sea level, and 330 seconds in a vacuum. Not a welded part, but something I thought it needed as the 5% increase in thrust featured in the real RD-107A Engine compatible with restock
  8. If you mean, installation, they are in the very first post and are included in the readme file...
  9. @josselin2196Was just curious. I expected it to be similar to the probe a drogue system where you'd make contact (soft dock) with the bumper, then retract said bumper to hard dock
  10. Just wondering... When docking using the 'K06 Arcas Docking port jr', is the bumper supposed to be extended when docking. Just asking as I've noticed that when docking with it extended, the spacecraft just bounces back upon contact with the other docking port
  11. Sorry with latish reply. Busy at work because of COVID-19 It should. I've included the parts of Bluedod DB it requires (the models). Let me know if it doesn't
  12. While ZeroMiniAVC did solve it, ZeroMiniAVC actually caused my game to freeze whenever I tapped 'recover. So I did a fresh install, after backing up my craft. Fine now
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