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  1. I think I found a bug when setting the initial state in Mission Architect. I was setting the initial values for my orbit around Kerbin. I put in the following values: Epoch = 0 Semi-major Axis = 672 km Eccentricity = 0 Inclination = 10.205 deg Right Ascension of AN = 107.741 deg Argument of Periapse = 172.740 deg Real Anomaly = 1 And when I save and close the window, it plays an error sound and changes the Arg of
  2. I don't have problems getting encounters with Eve, that part is simple enough. I just can't seem to satisfy constraints. I've made sure that I select all the correct event and body before running the optimiser, but it still doesn't seem to work. I've documented what I do when I optimised the encounter with screenshots, so maybe that will help you identify what I'm doing wrong. It's here: https://imgur.com/a/bI0O067 I tried to start from scratch (again) and tried to use the tips that you gave in your reply. I couldn't even get through step 1. I followed the instructions provided, but it ju
  3. Yes, I'm still having problems. I've tried recreating the mission from scratch again, but no luck. MAT file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iWkzOhKvkuIBAvcAeVV802PU6dbGAmoK/view
  4. Hi, I got this tool a few days ago and started playing around with it. I managed to get a Kerbin-Eve-Jool-Eeloo encounter using the MMFS, so I started using Mission Architect to plan out the mission. I followed the tutorial in the Solar System Edge pdf exactly (apart from replacing the values for that mission with mine) and got up to optimising the Eve encounter. For some reason, it just isn't able to satisfy all the constraints. I've run the optimiser multiple times, but it still doesn't work. The pdf says to change the objective function back to Minimising Distance to Body if it can't satisf
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