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  1. Upon pressing the bracket keys to switch vessels, the game will crash. The game will remain to play, but I lose the ability to move the camera or press any buttons on the screen, or pause the game. It forces me to restart. Troubleshooting would be appreciated. -MK
  2. Downloaded mod, but content did not appear in-game. If anyone can provide troubleshooting, that would be awesome.
  3. All of the files appeared to download correctly, however none of the mod's content showed up in-game. Could anyone help me troubleshoot?
  4. Update 1.4 added this cool new parachute you can use on EVA, and I was psyched about it. But I investigated it further and couldn't figure it out. How do I use it? Is it a part, or is it unlockable somehow? I just don't know. I would be (please help me now) greatful for your input!
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