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  1. Ah, thanks! I did something similar, I was just wondering how your Starship looked more like steel since mine just enabled reflective surfaces. Thanks!
  2. Wow! These look awesome! Especially the New Shepard!
  3. oh! a dragon! can you start off with dragon v2 first, since laztek's dragon still somewhat works?
  4. the only thing you can really do if you just want a dragon v2 capsule in there is simply just take decq's dragon and rescale it. other than that, it's only really scaling other dragons such as from tundra exploration, but the only one with ro configs is laztek.
  5. i have, its just a parts mod and the configs still work. I still recommend that you check the config files tho in case you want to switch something
  6. i hope this erector will be reusable instead of just being a launch clamp. still pretty good though!
  7. try changing it to 1. not sure if that's the scale since I forgot what I changed it to
  8. if you scroll back far enough you'll find a google drive download link for the vab, if you want. I do have it but im currently on vacation so I won't be able to give it to you till then. as for adding the vab back in to the mod, he could just take the model from there and add it in and make changes to it later. but i mean it seems that triston is gone for a while so they might not have time to work on the mod. perhaps he wants to finish the pads before adding other stuff
  9. no, the track on the trusses that moves back and forth to add the other trusses with the canadarm
  10. pretty good feature I guess, am looking forward to release