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  1. kspguy77

    Setting up a joystick

    I have Windows 10
  2. kspguy77

    Setting up a joystick

    The game doesn't recognize the joystick.
  3. Hi, i have a Logitech Attack 3 joystick and i would like to use it with KSP, but when i put it in one of my laptop's 3 usb ports, the game doesn't recognise it. (I've tried all of them).There is no issue with the ports. Is there something in the settings i have to tinker with to get it to work? The joystick works fine with Flight Simulator X though.
  4. No i don't have any planet packs at the time. What logs do you want and how do i upload them?
  5. Hi! I was just wondering what those writings between the username and the profile pic are? For example for me there reads "bottle rocketeer" and some people have other "names", i know they are fun and meant to be so, but could someone provide a bit more in-depth explanation about those (e.g why are they there, what do those little balls under the writing mean and so forth)? I know, my english is a bit broken, i don't speak it as my main language.
  6. Hello again. I shall start by telling what i did before this problem occured: I had just downloaded DCK Combat Kit, which included some cool camos/paints and BDArmory. I had and have a lot of important mod stuff in my KSP Gamedata file. Even more so after downloading DCK. Now, the problem is, when i take any plane i have (painted or not) for a flight around the KSC, the game lags for 15-30 seconds at random times. Essentially the whole game freezes. Sometimes it works well for a few minutes, then lag, work for 1 sec, freeze and so forth. Also i got a pretty low fps (only when flying near KSC). In my gamedata file i have two BDA files, could this be one cause to this? And also i deleted physics range extender because it didn´t show any of my ships, only the markers (deleting fixed this). Could one of the causes also be the fact that i have a to of stuff in my gamedata, which i mentioned earlier, and the reason for low fps maye colud be that my computer has to work a lot to get all those cool camos showing? I wouldnt like to delete BDA and DCK. I have no idea about the specs of my pc, all i know it's and HP Envy 15-af109no. And one more thing, after the laggin started occuring now my KSP can just crash at random times, usually when changing a scene (for example recovering a vessel and then the game shows that loading screen). My KSP version should be the latest up to date one btw.
  7. kspguy77

    Avro Vulcan [DOWNLOAD HERE]

    The dropbox link doesn't work
  8. I have an F-18 and the rear gears, the 2 on the back, not too much back though, they still allow me to do the takeoff rotation, (to "rotate" in aviation means to pull back on the control column to lift the nose up (well, i use keyboard but you get the idea. Usually done after the V1 speed, which is the minimum takeoff speed) are tilted outwards in an upside down V-shape. But. The v shape doesn't seem to help much in terms of stability. (i haven't downloaded any mod that would allow me to put more realistic F-18 gears (actually does anyone have any mod to suggest which would have parts that i could build more realistic fighter jets?)). I mainly build planes so.. I have tried KAX but it required tweakscale and other stuff and it didn't work really. Sorry about that off-topic explanation about aviation phraseology.
  9. Hi! My planes seem to roll a bit from left to right on their horizontal axis when they are parked (description: leeefft...riight..leefft...riight..). It doesn't help if i turn SAS off. Thhe wobble causes that i'm unable to recover the vessel (to press the green button what reads so) because the craft's wobbling speed is between 0.2 to 0.7 meters per sec and i guess you can't recover the vessel because too much speed. I have BDArmory installed, and nothing more. Ideas anyone?
  10. kspguy77

    BDArmory's Weapon Manager not working

    When i downloaded BDArmory, on the site there read that the file includes Physics Range Extender. The filepath you said (KSP/Gamedata/BDArmory), it's the same one i have. Where do i put my downloadable copy KSP log as you said? I'm not really good on computing stuff so.. Dumb question:won't it reveal something personal (the log)?
  11. Hi! If this is the wrong place to ask about this, then, mods, please move this thread to somewhere else. So, i have a problem with bdarmory. The weapon manager doesn't work even though it's attached to the craft (rover in this case with a Patriot missile launcher and batteries for POWAAH). When i click the bdarmory menu button (?) in "flight" on the upper right corner, there should appear a some kind of a list of weapons you can use and stuff. Doesn't happen for me. It just says "no weapon manager found" even though the thing is attached to the craft. Any ideas on what's happening? Also when i try to make a link between a radar vehicle and a missile launcher, i have to drive them really close to each other (150 meters) for both of them to appear on the vessel switcher or whatever. I can always see the vehicle i'm operating at the moment on the vessel switcher but no other team A craft until 150 meters of distance or team B vehicles (it's the same for them too). Then, when i've managed to get all these things, for example the missile turret with 8 mid range SAM missiles (can't remember what it's called), and a fighter jet with the AI pilot thing attached, to at least 150 meters of distance when i switch to the "enemy" fighter, i set one of my units as the target, go back to the missile turret, press P on the vessel switcher to activate enemy's autopilot, the plane starts its takeoff roll but stops 350.7 meters from me (autopilot switches off). Then when drive closer than the distance previously said, the plane starts to take off once again. So if i'd like to shoot airborne stuff down, i would need to constantly drive after them to maintain no more than 350 meters of separation which is impossible. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  12. I didn't even notice i had reposted. Well, my KSP version is 1.4.3, OS is Win 10, the problem appears immediately when i try to go near my other ships. I don't think i have changed anything in my KSP install. I gotta try changing between the ships some day. About mods then.. i don't have any mods in my Gamedata file, but i had some helicopter part mod which i later deleted and it still shows those parts in game (like when i'm try'na build somethin'. So i guess a mod could move this to the modded installs support area? Have yet to try reinstalling KSP. Verify gamefiles through steam? How?
  13. Hi! I have a issue or a bug which causes any other vessel than my own craft that i'm piloting, to be invisible. I can only see the square marking the object til' about 150 meters or so and then the rectangle disappears too. When i go to the exact spot where the other plane (i'm talking mostly about planes here, haven't tried this with objects a lot or with orbiting vessels) is supposed to be, my own craft just taxis as usual. I've also tried this with a plane and a runway marker thingy or whatever (you know those T-shaped poles with lights on them what they put near the beginning of runways in real life), no difference. What could be the cause for this? I took a couple of screenshots of the situation on Steam, how do i put them here? In case i cannot upload them in the future, here's the deal in the pics: i taxied an Eurofighter Typhoon (stock) to the front of a yellow door left of the SPH main doors, and then i took an F-18 and did the same, still can't see the Eurofighter from the F-18 or the F-18 from the Eurofighter. Both planes seem to be almost in the exact same spot (really they are indeed in the same place) when watched from the view where you can select which facility to go to (what's this view called, btw?).
  14. My version is 1.4.3 and no, i don't have any mods installed, only a couple of aircraft downloaded from KerbalX (do they count as mods??). I need to try seeing if there's any "flight events" after the crash as 4x4cheesecake suggested (you know the list thingy, the grey one). The kerbal goes also missing from the astronaut list, gotta check the K.I.A list at some point. And no, they are not viewable int he Tracking Station.
  15. Hi! I have a following issue with KSP: when any of my kerbals goes to EVA, they just disappear, no matter if my craft is standing still on the ground or doing 350 m/s with afterburners at 5000m. There is no "poof" whatsoever when they disappear, and i can't even see the kerbal exiting the craft at all. After the disappearance i'm only able to zoom on the craft itself. When i click the EVA button, the game doesn't focus on the kerbal at all as it would usually do, so this (and the fact that i'm unable to see kerbals exiting the craft) brings me to this thought; what if the kerbal dies inside the cockpit (or pod, depending on what type of craft am i flying or "flying") so that's why i can't see any "poofs of death"? Does anyone have an idea on what could be the cause?