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  1. It also works fine for 1.4.5. The only problem for me is landing legs. They are there its just that they seem to bug out when landing
  2. why does it seem like whenever you reply to somebody how come it feels like a month before they reply back
  3. ive tried setting them to 1, but it messes up everything, it seems different parts need different numbers wow all this work for a dragon capsule lmao
  4. no idea what that is ah i see it now what do i need to change it to
  5. does anybody know a dragon capsule that comes with solar panels, nosecone and docking port that fits with the vessel.
  6. It works! Thank you so much for your help, you have done a great job on this mod, i was just looking for the sls but your pack has added so much more. well done!
  7. Is there a way to send a screenshot of my mod list? ill try launch other rockets with orion on
  8. ive done what you have said (apart from the rea chutes) i have real shutes installed, however the rocket still snap. from what i saw the capsule seems to sink kind of into the decoupler. Aso great job on all the rockets, they look amaizing.
  9. Im using 1.4.5 and i think its the thh escape system it seems any craft withe the capsue breaks, i do have real chutes instulled
  10. the rocket seems to snap at the top (the capsule) making the sls block 1 unflyable for me