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  1. right now I have 1.3.1 and 1.5.x ....not at home so I can't check exactly ....I will check it out this weekend hopefully and get back asap, tis this season to be like that headless chicken after all....
  2. I would like to test this out a bit if you feel its ready?
  3. I am eager to try this out myself....hopefully you can find something out
  4. I am having the same issue, I only have MM 3.0.4 installed. It seems to be random, but always after the patches are finished. If I remove realism overhaul through ckan, which also removes real fuels, and real plume, then everything loads fine, albeit somewhat unusable with half an RP1 install. I have tried different versions straight from github, no success. I have taken everything from the golden spreadsheet for 1.3.1 ....also clean install of 1.3.1 straight from steam. I have had issues before i could work out, but this one has me stumped.