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  1. I used to play console KSP, and I hated the Mun launchsite, it just felt cheaty and immersion breaking. I used it once just to see what it was like and never again. It's even worse than the science lab IMO.
  2. Is it possible to add GEP to a current instance without messing too much up? I was wondering if I could add it to my OPM career mode game without creating a new instance.
  3. Turns out I just needed to delete BoulderCo from my GameData folder.
  4. Hey everyone. I've been getting into planet packs recently, especially Galileo's Planet Pack. I followed the instructions to install it, and for some reason the only planet with clouds is Gael. The other atmospheric bodies have visible atmospheric effects but no clouds. Anyone know why?
  5. Wait, are you playing in real time? Holy Kraken that sounds tedious.
  6. A lot has changed since I last posted here. I've now set myself up with a PC and installed a number of mods, including Galileo's Planet Pack (which is terrific, by the way). The pack adds many new outer planets, unreachable with stock antennas, so one of the R&D nodes adds antenna upgrades for the Communotron 88-88 (the umbrella one) and the largest of the relay dishes, which are now rated for 1.00T instead of just 100G. Ever since I researched this node, the CommNet just breaks every time I launch a vessel from the VAB. The craft on the launchpad has no connection to the space center what
  7. True. But like the MEM, the new probe body and fuel tank have a single use and it's very difficult to make them work with anything else. However, the SLS and most of the Apollo parts can fit into many other original designs.
  8. I have nothing against unique models, it's just that the new probe parts are too specialized to have more than a single use.
  9. I see your point, those parts are somewhat limited in use. I disagree with the Wolfhound, I'd say it's used rather often as an efficient, high thrust vacuum engine. But I have only ever used the MEM once on a spacecraft. If I ever use the new probe bits at all, it will probably also be only once, so I can replicate the spacecraft it's... designed to replicate. KSP parts that aren't used add almost nothing to the game, in terms of creativity or play time.
  10. While this is cool and all, I simply don't see the point in adding the "MTM" stage. KSP is about designing things yourself, not snapping a few parts together in the correct way to create a predetermined craft.
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