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  1. True. But like the MEM, the new probe body and fuel tank have a single use and it's very difficult to make them work with anything else. However, the SLS and most of the Apollo parts can fit into many other original designs.
  2. I have nothing against unique models, it's just that the new probe parts are too specialized to have more than a single use.
  3. I see your point, those parts are somewhat limited in use. I disagree with the Wolfhound, I'd say it's used rather often as an efficient, high thrust vacuum engine. But I have only ever used the MEM once on a spacecraft. If I ever use the new probe bits at all, it will probably also be only once, so I can replicate the spacecraft it's... designed to replicate. KSP parts that aren't used add almost nothing to the game, in terms of creativity or play time.
  4. While this is cool and all, I simply don't see the point in adding the "MTM" stage. KSP is about designing things yourself, not snapping a few parts together in the correct way to create a predetermined craft.
  5. As above. The rules are simple: you must destroy as many of the KSC buildings as possible with a single stock vehicle. It can be a rocket, a plane, a rover, etc. Your vessel can drop bombs, break into pieces, or whatever it takes to cause as much chaos as possible in the shortest possible time. I'll make badges for the winners of the challenge. Here are the different levels: Class 1: Destroy three Space Center buildings with a single vessel. Class 2: Destroy five Space Center buildings with a single vessel. Class 2.5: Destroy seven or more Space Center buildings with a sin
  6. As you may already know, a Mun launchsite was added to the History and Parts Pack for the recent console update. This feature, while was created with good intentions, has been the bane of my existence. I no longer have the initiative to build Mun bases, stations, or even just Mun landers. Why bother when I could teleport there effortlessly? (of course I never use it, but cognitive dissonance, you know?) I could just ignore it, which is what I have been trying to do. But having a way to effortlessly teleport to the Mun without sacrificing another dynamic like weight, cost, etc. upsets the
  7. To answer your questions: I am playing on an Xbox 1S. When I say "accelerating", I mean somewhere around 1 m/s. It was enough so I couldn't fight it using my RCS. Everything was turned off. I even double-checked by pressing the "throttle-down" button. The RCS light was not on. I hope that clears things up a bit.
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