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  1. the few things are missing in KSP are: - Tylo Revamp (the las revamp not confirmed) - Spaceplane decouplers Dreaming a little more: - Nuclear power reactors - VASIMR engines
  2. is Trajectories mod dead? Someone knows other Mod like tis? I hope Squad make stock this feature...
  3. there is a chance to play Kerbalism on ksp 1.7 this month?
  4. There is plans for your final release of this mod?
  5. There is a chance to see the 1.6.x version mod? or they just jump to the 1.7 version?
  6. nice modeling. here is a litle recomendations: 1- try to match Rutherford SL specs and add Electric charge use. PART { name = emuengine1 module = Part author = Tygoo7 MODEL { model = DodoLabs/Parts/Emu/engine1 rotation = -90, 0, 0 } rescaleFactor = 1 node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.2631, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 TechRequired = basicRocketry entryCost = 3200 cost = 120 category = Engine subcategory = 0 title = GPR-918 "Ruby" Engine manufacturer = Dodo Labs description = This tiny little engine is created by the power of 3D printing and it uses an elect
  7. Can you change my username to "elbuglione" ? you know, without "@xxx.com"...
  8. hello everyone I have an issue with my display name. and i can't modify it. someone can help me?
  9. hoo men... did you sleep some time? your work is pure gold. this mod works perfect for me... Tested on i7-4700HQ - RAM 8GB - GTX 680m Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia Drivers 390.48 Runing perfect (almost zero stuttering) with KSP.x86_64 (64bit) and more than 60 mod's
  10. there is a 1.4.4 version update¿? I looking for a new career game (end-game interstellar usi-mks). and this is just was i wanted.
  11. it seems to be the "switch to the blurred rotor/mesh rotor" or something like that. changing this: blurredRotorName = for this: blurredRotorName = turbine seems to correct the issue, and the rotor do not disappear anymore
  12. I have this error on classicprop and classicturbofan: [EXC 09:59:50.434] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KerbalActuators.WBIPropSpinner.rotatePropellersRunning () KerbalActuators.WBIPropSpinner.FixedUpdate () using KSP 1.4.4 and KerbalActuators_1_4_6 Firespitter 7.9.0
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