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  1. Easily fixed. Just find a time machine on ebay.
  2. EVA fuel replenish upon boarding a craft. You could technically visit all SOIs with a one-part ship. As for me, I don't strand anyone. If I screw up, I devise a rescue mission. That's also why I prefer not landing Kerbals on Eve. Trying to get the off that planet is too likely to fail somehow.
  3. Yuh. ISO8601 says YYYYMMDD (or YYYY-MM-DD) is the way to go. It's also the correct orientation for alphanumerical parsing which is, you know, kinda useful. Back on topic, though, HAHAHAHAHA!
  4. New career, new planet pack, new mods. Gotta say Parallax runs really well on my totally-not-jank 1650. Really makes the Mun easier on the eyes. One of my main complaints about KSP's looks is how blobby many worlds look like, with the Mun being one of the worst offenders. Ignore the broken bits, this satellite was getting decommissioned anyway and was flown into the side of a cliff mere seconds after touchdown.
  5. Same issue. ScienceAlert just goes nuts as soon as you go EVA anywhere. Even though this post is over half a year old, and nobody seems to have said anything about this since, I'm guessing that the cause was never addressed. From what I can tell by fiddling around the various science-related .cfg files in GU+, these should be only called when on certain bodies, but the default calls are actually open instead of being tied to something like 'PlanetXsrflanded,' which allows them to be run wherever you are. Case in point, those experiments don't fulfill any 'milestone' requirements, and the game won't notice them being done. I get experiments for icebergs, plantlife, rocks, and even Ayys-related stuff.
  6. I'll be quite honest, the lack of Space Dust configs kinda kills it. To the point I'm thinking of cooking up my own, though I have little experience with SD configs and I'm obviously still unfamiliar with GU as a whole. I wouldn't be in the best position to determine what each celestial bodies would have what. GU seems to be well worth the trouble, even then. It's not absolutely necessary at this point but having more ways to gather AM and other atmospheric resources 'out of the box' would have been nice.
  7. About to draft a new, fresh install for KSP. GU seems like the winner for main planet pack (alongside OPM). Am I correct in assuming GU doesn't have Space Dust configs included? What's the word on exotic ISRU and various resource presence and abundance?
  8. It's like riding a bicycle. A bicycle with rocket engines.
  9. Used to have a dozen or so lifter stages tucked as subassemblies for different payload mass and volumes to LKO, but nowadays I tend to rebuild everything from scratch. Each named accordingly. I also overdesign and overpower my rockets anyway. Gones are the days I reached LKO with less than 50m/s left consistently. If the lifter can't haul itself to the Mun once the payload is off, I want none of it. K As for naming the actual payloads and mission crafts, anything goes, which also tend to be the first idea that comes to me anyway. Current Gilly EL base is called OneFartToOrbit.
  10. That look of abject terror on that Kerbal's face is appropriate.
  11. I've encountered some funky things once or twice since installing this, but nothing game breaking. For example, resource conversion happening at ludicrous speed. Pretty certain this is the culprit, but it's not much of a problem atm.
  12. WOO! Wolf is getting settled. First interstellar base in the making!
  13. From Kerbin? Usually none. Liquid or bust, and usually all in a single stack. Go full Von Braun's Ferry if I must. From extraplanetary launchpads? Shrimp SRBs are just great for getting ships with exotic (i.e. hothothot engines) away from the surface facilities before they light up their main drive. Same sort of stuff as we saw for that Orion-drive craft in that KSP2 trailer, if you will.
  14. Well, damn. Who needs AM when you can just dump hothothot-spicy water out the back of a spacecraft? Sure, it can't carry over 60 kerbals AND a factory starter, but a full ScanSat/SpaceDust suite and six seats? Only took ten days to build, man! NSW is also relatively easy to produce compared to AM too! It's incredibly easy to control too, unlike the wet-noodle Labrador Express. This guy's mission will be to reach the greater Murph system in less than 40 years, and scan all the bodies there. All of them. Without having to refuel. EDIT: Added a new homebrew interstellar relay antenna to my game. It's just a resized, restock-ified RA-100 with insane capabilities, but constant EC drain for operation. It's basically a full-fledged ground-based radiotelescope at this point. It might not be evident with other tweakscaled parts on this craft, but this thing's huge. HUGE! Dish itself is over 35 tons.
  15. Waterfall is nice, innit? Also, welcome to the FFT fold! One of us, ONE OF US! Anyway, today (and yesterday) was the day! First, I added some heavy braces with Quantum Struts to the Labrador Express (still a placeholder name). They're just longboi structural stock with blue wizz lines everywhere. Helps a lot keeping the LE straight and unwobbly under thrust. I had already included one-axis heavy docking ports on the top-end of the engine stack, so all I had to do was produce them on Minmus, lift them up, and dock. With THAT was done, we're now off to the races! Even as I type this, I left's Kerbin's SOI at a relative 20,000m/s, which is nice. One thing is obvious, I screwed up the numbers once more and the AM consumption on the LE outstrips the LH2 consumption by a factor of 4. Woops! Considering how much I upscaled my original Kerbal capacity plan, the dV total also fell majorly. I also tried to run PersistentThrust but it's effectively borked on 1.12 so no joy. Still, keeping it in map mode at 4x phys warp isn't so bad. I'll expend about 45,000m/s one way, and as much to brake, leaving me about 15,000m/s for intersystem movement once I'm there. Cooper is my destination for now, as it is the easier sector in the Event Horizon planet pack. EDIT: After my initial burn, I let a LOT of LH2 boil-off, boosting me back from 60,000m/s to 140,000ish m/s of dV. Could have made use of it, but it's still a sub-100 year trip to Cooper. I have just now entered the black hole (Murph)'s SOI. A few thousand m/s of dV to course correct and I'm now at a close-ish encounter with Cooper... Aaaand it's done! At a very pedestrian 25,000m/s needed for a good capture burn, we're in business!
  16. That would be Principia. I recommend it, even though I don't run it anymore. There's some jank happening and I haven't been able to get rid of it. 100% a me problem, though, as it seem to be an unique issue. There's also the mod for the better tracking station thingy, which I forget the name of.
  17. Dang, I would have liked to know about this before. KAS/KIS does the job, but it can be tedious.
  18. Finished fueling up the Frisbee interstellar engine stack with LH2 (6,911,990 units) AND EnUr (8052 units)! All that's left now is the crew, the factory starter(s) and the antimatter right at the end. I'm really just waiting for the Calypso to return to Kerbin. Its full 13 Kerbal complement, all at 5 stars, will be instrumental in the success of this interstellar trip (well, not actually but let's just say it makes sense). I'm having trouble thinking of a good name for it, though. All that comes to mind is Boobatree. EDIT: After:
  19. A single refueling run per day, after work, is relaxing enough. Only got three round trips for the LH2, maybe two more trips for EnUr (though it already has WAY more than enough), and finally the antimatter. After that will be the crew. The ship will be able to carry 68 Kerbals in all, which is almost every Kerbals part of my space program at this point. Double-finally will be the factory (or two) starter that will be instrumental in getting things running once we've reached our interstellar destination. Still undecided as to the target.
  20. Alright, few things yesterday and the day before. As for today EDIT:
  21. I've got the Event Horizon planet pack running. There are 'wormholes' for easier access to those systems but I don't want to use them.
  22. Game is running well. CPU hasn't changed so nothing on that front but I can run KSP and Chrome and some other background stuff at the same time now without issues. From 12gb to 44gb can definitely be felt. Other than that, the third and final utility section for the Fresnel... Dang! I've been calling this damn thing a Fresnel engine all the while and that's wrong! It's the Frisbee AM engine! Anyway, the power and scoop section of the... Frisbee stack has been lifted and incorporated.
  23. Nothing yet today, but I just finally upgraded the RAM on my low-mid tier prebuilt PC (that was originally supposed to be a stopgap when my previous PC died in early May of 2020). Not that I'll be enjoying the extra RAM for long, since I'm also building a brand new PC anyway, and I already got half the parts, I'm only missing the RAM, GPU and new keyboard. Also the fishtank. And the mineral oil. As it were, I was having trouble with KSP, as it effectively ate all the allocated memory so I expect some results.
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