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  1. JoE Smash

    How to really update KSP?

    Yeah when you log into Steam, it automatically downloads updates to games for you, unless you specifically tell it not to. If you tell it not to, you can always change it back. You can't rebuy games on Steam unless you can't remember your password and create a new Steam account every time you go to log into Steam.... However if that is the case you click the button to reset your password via email, or contact technical support, you don't register a new account and buy the game over again....Well you can, but it is a waste of money and not particularly intelligent....
  2. There might be a way to do that in the save game file, but unfortunately I don't know how..... Basically though, that hitch part wasn't designed with this purpose in mind. It was designed to hitch rover parts together on the surface of a planet. It wasn't designed as a release for docked vessels or a way to secure vessels during the high G forces of a launch.... There are plenty of docking ports, stack separators, and decouplers designed with this purpose in mind.... There are even radial attachment parts that you can attach docking ports to.... You might need to redesign....
  3. JoE Smash

    How to really update KSP?

    KSP launcher is broken and not being fixed I wouldn't use that at all.
  4. This is one of the most interesting threads I have read....I'm having difficulty telling if this is real or not.... Ok @Jeine092, based on your responses it is obvious that despite your own bashing of your own intelligence, or ability to understand information you can at least read and write. So if you really wanted to do this you could. There is no magic button to push to do the game for you, if that's all you wanted, why even play? Just watch videos on YouTube of other people playing....that is basically the same as you just pushing a button and having it done for you. Or as close as you are going to get at least... If you really WANT to be able to do what others have done in videos, then it will take some amount of learning and work to figure out how to do the stuff in this game. It's a bit like going to school to play this game. If you don't like school or learning, or you have ADD or ADHD and lack the attention span to learn new things, then this game may simply be too difficult for you to learn. Based on your ability to type intelligent answers to these people's posts, I don’t believe this to be the case though.... Learning to read and write English in school is harder than this game. You need to start with the first tutorial mission in the game and read all the words on the screen when you start the tutorial. You need to press the buttons it says to press in the tutorial, and do what it tells you to do, just like you are reading these people's replies.... If you do everything the tutorial tells you to do and you fail, keep trying over until you eventually will succeed. It takes patience and time though. This game simply isn't easy at first. Once you understand the basics though it gets easier. The first tutorial teaches you how to attach a parachute (I think it's been a long time), and how to go up and come down again without dying in the process....You need to learn how to do that before you learn anything else. Then you learn how to orbit. Again you need to learn how to orbit Kerbin before you learn to orbit the Mun. Then you learn how to get to the Mun. Then you learn how to land on the Mun. If you can't accomplish those things via the step by step tutorials in the game, then no amount to typing replies to you here is going to help you.... So how about Step 1: Go do the first tutorial mission 5 times on your own. After you do what it says on the screen 5 times, if you still can't do it...come back here and tell us EXACTLY what step in the tutorial you aern't understanding and we will try to help explain that part better so you get it.... Do that with each tutorial starting with the first tutorial. By the time you are done, you will be able to get to the Mun!
  5. You mean what are the key bindings to control a ship? Hit escape and go to settings and look at the key bindings.... WSAD for up down left right QE for rotating I think...whatever is right and left of W. Shift and ctrl to throttle up and down or z and x for full throttle and zero throttle....
  6. JoE Smash

    Lab transfer data via relay?

    There you go @darkwhite, the mod creator says it should work so that's good... Np, on the lab tip....I was pretty frustrated with myself once I read up on labs and realized my mistake, lol.... That is one of those things that really should be more clear....or labs should inherently just have command function built lab on the Mun was totally worthless because I didn't attach a tiny probe core to it....after all that work of getting it there....I was pretty liquided. That was actually the first time I just decided to start my career over....
  7. JoE Smash

    Trouble with second copy of KSP

    That is apparently correct with one caveat.... You can't launch it from the program files folder. If using Windows try moving it to C:\Games Oh and obviously if you are using a desktop shortcut to the .exe'll have to delete it and make a new one....or edit the target path so it knows where the game was moved to...
  8. JoE Smash

    Choose Graphics Card

    I'm glad you found a solution!
  9. I'm happy you were able to fix it without losing your progress m8! Well you may have lost a little....but losing a launch is better than losing all your launches....
  10. JoE Smash

    Lab transfer data via relay?

    Well you said you are using Remote that means you use mods then... I don't know for sure if Science Relay works with Remote Tech....but it's worth a shot right? DMagic made a modlet called Science Relay so you don't need to worry about all this that you are confused about and discussing... Do the science on your rover then use Science Relay to send the experiment to any laboratory within relay range....problem solved... Oh and just an FYI (because I had no idea) just a lab by itself has no command function...So if it isn't attached to a command pod or a probe core with command on it, you won't be able to interact with the lab.... I left just a lab on the Mun once with no command pod or probe core attached to it, and then couldn't figure out why the lab was "broken" and had no right click menu options... It was broken because I broke it when I detached it from my lander and left it on the Mun like a noob... It has a few options for the mod added to the game difficulty menu after you install it....
  11. Well that's good....Hopefully it will stay that way now.... But really who knows, right?
  12. When I poop and it doesn't hurt me bum on the way out, it is waaaaay better than when it does hurt me bum on the way out.....but in both instances I'm still dealing with poo.... It would be far better if I didn't have to deal with poo at all....
  13. JoE Smash

    Choose Graphics Card

    Well if you have a crappy BIOS like the one in my ASUS ROG ( you would think it would be more useful) then try disabling the older NVIDIA card via Windows device manager... In the device manager it lists every piece of hardware on the computer. This guide should roughly point you in the right direction even if you are using Windows 10. The steps may not be exactly the same, but they should be similar.... If you disable the old card, just make sure the remaining one is selected via the NVIDIA control panel as your primary card for your display/monitor that you don't suddenly have a blank You'll want the last bit at the bottom of the article...
  14. Restart the game. If it still does it after restarting then you may have krackened your persistent save file...and whatever other saves you opened before restarting.... I krackened the game once so far, but I then deleted my persistent save file and copied one of the backups from the backup folder and renamed it to persistent.sfs Do that.... And then from now on don't intentionally try to break the breaks enough on it's own tbh....