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  1. Enterprise Rock or boulder?
  2. MARS bar (geddit... mars...?) Favourite musical instrument?
  3. I play annoying classical piano songs until you get bored and walk away. My slightly irradiated uranium bunker and hill with classical music
  4. Granted, but the sun stays up for so long that too much radiation hits your country and everyone gets cancer. I wish for a piano playing tortoise
  5. Took me 5 minutes to stop my science-spasms after watching this video. Now we have an easy-to-find, carbon neutral, high energy element at our disposal and it's just SITTING THERE. I feel like giving scientific motivational speeches in India, because when they get this up and running, It will be the biggest thing since the invention of non-lead pipes. If they get it to use a Liquid Fluoride cooling system, my heart might just stop. (now, where to buy one-way tickets to the moon?)
  6. (post #12)We know they're immortal, we are discussing how that is possible. (post #13)And viruses aren't destroyed by antibodies, because they can change their structure. Antibodies only work on the antigens of living pathogens.
  7. Banned for inappropriate pictures from hellbenders
  8. haz u dong ur ser-eence houmwook!??!?!??!

    ^Because grammar.

  9. During has already been posted, but OK. Hello (informal)=aloh (æloʊ) Hello/welcome (formal)=ptnyerenska (ptni:erenska) Goodbye (informal)=soida (sɒdʒa) Goodbye (formal)=kiensloki (ki:enslɒki: ) Good=kien (ki:en) Bad=navad'l (Næva:dl) To Feel=holidersler (hɒlɪdeəʳseəʳ) Universe=kosimo (kɒsi:moʊ) Brain=Nyet (njet) Normal=deth (deθ) Weird=thed (θed) Comfort=Bzdiel (bzdi:el) Pain=ledibz (ledi:bz) Here=Kwai (kweɪ) One=gav (gav) Two=Jav (dʒav) Three=G'yav(gjav) Four=Jajav (dʒædʒav) Five=Nuinev (nu:i:neɪv) Six=Ganuinev (gænu:i:neɪv) Seven=Januinev (dʒænu:i:neɪv) Eight=Orgenstotev (ʊəʳgenstɒtev) Nine=Gorgenstotev (gʊəʳgenstɒtev) 165= Gavganuinevnuinev (gavgænu:i:neɪvnu:i:neɪv)
  10. Granted, you are now on top of a chocolate bar. I wish that all universes collapsed in on themselves, eliminating the chance to reincarnate, go to heaven, go to hell, or escape the apocalypse because everything got destroyed.
  11. Kavarican is pronounced in the same way as English, but with a very nasal German accent. The letters Sh, Ch, and Th are used instead of letter blends (as in English). The letter ' sounds like the Russian letter ê, I am not really sure how to explain the pronunciation, but it's almost like catching the word in your throat before continuing to talk.
  12. Correct! It's not Gobble, it's nom