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  1. This works largely because of the JNSQ scale. JNSQ is built in a way that each day is 12 hours long and there are 365 days in a year. A stock sized system just doesn't line up so perfectly.
  2. That's not confirmed. I'll test but I think it should work...
  3. @HebaruSan I have tested this on a clean install. JNSQ installed via CKAN and dropped my mod in on top. I've got no errors so please just allow my mod on CKAN and I'll remove the statement in the OP.
  4. It was advice from JNSQ people. I'll test a fresh install and let you know.
  5. Looking forward to this update, it's about time I had another Kerbalism game on the go!
  6. Hello There, I'm not sure my mod has been picked up by CKAN, I know this can happen occasionally. Here on Spacedock Can you look into this please, I know there is a way I can do something on Github but I am not sure how!
  7. There is already something like this for RSS, that's what started this. I wanted something like RSS Date Formatter for JNSQ.
  8. I'm unable to see a fault and I have tested this on multiple installs. My only thought is that it must be a mod conflict. As you say you have 80+ mods including some I haven't heard of. Please could you try a clean install and let me know if the issue persists.
  9. Post your logs and I'll look. Just to confirm if you start a new game and fast forward you don't see 1st February but 32th February on month change?
  10. Interesting! Might have something to do with the planet rotation changing mid game. I'm not sure what would cause this as I have used this personally for months and haven't seen this before. I'll update my post to recommend a new game.
  11. CKAN has been requested, give it time.
  12. JNSQ Real Date This is a patch for Kronometer that replaces in the in game D001 Y001 clock with the real world Earth clock and calendar. Features: Earth days and months are used, no leap years involved. Starts 1st January 2001 Days remain 12 hours long but Months and Years display as you would expect. JNSQ Kerbin rotated so sunrise is 6am. Pics: Install: Download from Spacedock CKAN of course Dependencies: Module Manager JNSQ Licence: This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial
  13. Updated to 0.3 Updated Folder structure Updated Stock part locations, created separate configs for expansions Updated USI MKS patch Updated USI Kontainers patch Added MechJeb support for Upgrades Please delete previous versions before installing this one, it should be available on CKAN now and Spacedock.
  14. Always happy to take suggestions from you if you have some thoughts on those mods as I don't personally use them. (With the exception of NF) Message me your idea or have a look at the github and submit a pull request. Whichever you prefer. I'll be pushing out an update at the end of the weekend but this is mainly background stuff and file organisation. I remove some nodes and create others, I'm reducing the number of nodes I remove and renaming them instead of making new ones. Should help smooth any mod support issues.
  15. Thank you, I am working on it this weekend and have the next update almost ready to go, but this won't change much as its mostly getting my files organised for easier updates in the future. Is there a specific mod you want me to take a look at? I am always really keen on feedback and will accept pull requests!
  16. Please use the search, you would have found your answer easily. JNSQ requires Kopernicus. Thishas been updated to 1.11 so JNSQ will run in 1.11.
  17. Cruesoe Space Industries Technology Tree After fiddling with Tech Tree's for such a long time I have taken the plunge and made my own. The Cruesoe Space Industries Tech Tree! (fanfare). This is a Tree with UnKerballedStart as its core that I intend to feed and water and see what grows. My intention is to combine the elements of previous tree's I have liked into a single place. You'll see we have an UKS start, with ITEP type branches later of Propulsion and Lifters, a set up in UKS and ITEP I like. There is more or less a dedicated line for: Propulsion (Space eng
  18. I have a question regarding mixing and combining Mods together. If I took all the bits I like best from all the TechTree mods and mixed them all up in a Excel like bucket, UKS style start, with PBC science adjustments, Kiwi Icons and part placement, ITEP engine order and reordered CTT? Can I share it with the Community? Assuming the licences allow of course, or are such beasts best kept locked up on my personal game? I guess I am asking an etiquette question!
  19. Take a read of this post. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/154851-add-on-posting-rules-april-13-2021/
  20. So long ago I don't even remember.
  21. Currently using a KASA flag and TUFX and JNSQ, it's like a mod personaised for me! Congratulations on your release.
  22. You can put in the tabs and returns in your excel formulas to make it easier. CHAR(9) is a tab and CHAR(10) is a return. A1&CHAR(10)&B1 would put B1 on the next line down.
  23. I use Custom Barn Kit, with Unkerballed start, and I have never encountered the issue you mention.
  24. Go back a page and you'll see someone talking about the same thing and as goldenpsp mentions it's been mentioned 70+ times. A quick search and you'll find the solution.
  25. Updated to 1.5.1 New support added: Better Early Tree Hide Empty Nodes Download: TechTree Kompacted on SPACEDOCK
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