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  1. Hi, I have added pictures and price. Thanks for all the help.
  2. ok. Sorry about that, I will repost later today with price and range. : ) Sorry I'm new so I'm not exactly sure how to post it or add photos directly to it (sighed up yesterday!) Could someone please tell me. Thanks.
  3. Explosive Industries-SuperMK1 This is a 40 passenger supersonic jet equipped with every modern amenity for both pilot and passenger. It provides comfort while going at supersonic as the engines are positioned behind the majority of the fuel tanks. The use of regular wheesly jet engines is useful as although it does lower top speed it increases efficiency and reduces noise and vibration in the cabin. Other perks of the wheesly engines is that they can be reversed either to help taxiing and to reduce the area of runway needed to land, couple that with the incredibly low take-off speed and high ground clearance, it creates a plane which needs a surprisingly short runway. This plane does not need ASAS or an highly trained piolet to fly it, in fact it will remain level in flight with no assistance even from the computer. However the real focus of this jet if the amount of fuel it holds and the it's efficiency and range as well as it's gliding capability's. This plane however being a supersonic jet is also more than capable as a small regional jet , and also as a sightseeing jet with it's capability for low altitude flying due to the wheesly engines not performing lesser at low altitude. Safety features include reversible engines, engine redundancy and 2 drogue chutes. The cabins have great views, especially the front one which is equip with our new luxury class furnishings. Oh...and it's own personal SNACK bar! Specs: Cruising altitude is around 2500m Top speed is 363m/ps with 4 engines and 150m/ps with 2. The take-off speed is 56m/ps Price= 55,051,000 (will be lowered dramatically in future variants) Explosive Industries is currently creating a few variants on this design and they will be on show soon. Link to craft = https://kerbalx.com/crafts/44685/undefined pictures=