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  1. Using KIS (as most of us) through the MIR assembling I got a problem. Some parts of the Soyuz/Progress has nonattached to crew places inventories but all of station parts hasn't. There's impossible to clear cargo spacecraft and launch next one because you can't transfer payload to anywhere inside the station except KIS Storage Unit (this is to big). Can you add some nonattached inventories to station parts too? Thank you.
  2. I got a bug with the camera for crew place 0.
  3. It's so cool to build a station like a MIR step by step using Tantares parts mostly! I had lunch 6 Protons and 4 Soyuzes in career mode with x6.4 rescale and SMURF. By the way, why Tantares-LV Proton has so poor Delta-V in time? I couldn't lunch more than 7.5 tons of payload to the low orbit, 112 km upper. I can lunch 6.5 tons with Tantares-LV Soyuz easy. Or it's x6.4 rescale issue?
  4. It isn't sooo big It is. I guess Tantares parts is too small and too thin. Look. I love it anyway. Thank you Beale !
  5. Thank you. It's "Tantares now in colors!" mod by Draken! You are right! When I had deleted this mod Soyuz and VA chutes had start to slow correctly. I had tested it twice. And "Tantares now in colors!" was updated recently too. Vostok chute has broken any way.
  6. Hmm... VA and Souz parachutes still don't slow after deleting partDatabase.cfg and physics.cfg with my "normal" x6.4 rescale mod set. I had test it twice. Who can tell me why it was working perfect before 1st June? I got a screenshot from 30th May. All kerbals had landing in safe.
  7. I did it later. Souz and VA parachutes are working now, Vostok parachute is not. I tried it with different capsules.
  8. Yes, I used 1.4.3, but it was working well before June 1st update. I got a clear GameData dir, I had Squad parts and Tantares only. Chutes still are broken, look at this Parachute don't drogue on deploy and don't slow after full open.
  9. I got a same problem. Vostok, Soyuz, VA parachutes don't slow. New LK parachute and Squad parachutes are working well. And LK drogue parachute has wrong description (with russian).