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  1. Kerbal Design Bureau

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This. I don't know either. Jeb seems to like it, though.
  2. Kerbal Design Bureau

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    The interns at the KSC needed a pet project, so Jeb recommended that they make a big plane using only a single Juno. The result looked so terrifying that even Jeb refused to fly it. Compared to other entries, this one sorta sucks. A measly 7.46 tonnes. I wasn't able to find the weight once at the island, but there were 36 units of fuel left in the tanks, so I recreated it in the editor, although it rounded to 35 fuel.
  3. Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking! There are three Mk1 passenger kabins, so there are 24 seats. Sorry about the mistake!
  4. Kerbal Design Bureau

    The K Prize - 100% reusable spaceplane to orbit and back

    Kerbal Design Bureau's KDB-SSTO-1! "Kerbin's most polite SSTO" Jeb didn't want to walk from the end of the runway all the way to the astronaut complex, so he decided to use the KDB-SSTO-I. Being Jeb, he decided to take a little detour. An orbital detour! *NOTE: This SSTO made a 75x91 orbit, but due to Jeb being needed to terrorize motivate the interns, the retro-burn occurred before a full orbit was completed. Had the interns not accidentally set fire to their own heads testing a new rocket motor, Jeb would've been able to spend more time in space. Images:
  5. Introducing Kerbal Design Bureau's newest in turboprop/bizjet innovation! The KDB-III! This beautiful creation is the choice if you need to ferry 24 VIP kerbals anywhere in style! With a cruising speed of about 150 m/s at 5000 meters and a theoretical range of 1250 kilometers, this state-of-the-art machine is packed with high-tech features such as: Working dials in the cockpit, for added safety! Windows, to see if you're going to crash to see the amazing view from 5 kilometers up! Retractable gear, for reduced drag and reduced fuel costs! Seats! 25 of them! One BIG intake instead of three tiny ones! Bigger is better, right? Mostly working control surfaces! Wings! Three powerful modern "Basic Jet Engines!" An innovative design stolen borrowed from an intern's doodle book during a boring lecture! A sound system (Broken Aux cable included)! 35 parts and three engines to make sure that the maintenance crew aren't getting paid for nothing! No TVs to encourage passengers to socialize and look at the view! Outstanding maneuverability, for getting into those tight locations! Made in Kanada The only plane on the market that apologizes for turbulence! Only 13980000! Order yours today, and redefine luxury in the air: