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  1. Can you hear me now? JNSQ mod, using an Asteroid telescope contract to ride-share a relay station in Solar orbit.
  2. I am currently doing a hard mode/no revert/permadeath career that I started upon release. I am almost finished with the tech tree. As far as contracts fare, they seem fine, with the exception of some rescues being generated with a periapsis either very close to surface of moons or in atmosphere of planets. These are the stock contracts; I can't speak for modded ones.
  3. JNSQ, Completing Jool+5 Science Run With A Low Pass Over Bop. Hard Mode Career, No Revert/Permadeath.
  4. I kept 1.3.1 around until Realism Overhaul updated to 1.6.1, so that is my current version for that. For JNSQ, I remain at 1.7.0, because I started a hard mode career. For stock play it's 1.7.3. I still have back up zips of 1.0.5 to current as well as early versions to .13, but those dont get as much play.
  5. In JNSQ, Hard Mode, No Revert/Permadeath Career. Both Apollo Style missions to Gilly and Ike were successful.
  6. JNSQ, Eve Flyby, En Route To A Gilly Landing Attempt. Apollo Style, Hard Mode/ No Revert/ Permadeath Career.
  7. 1.7.0 w/JNSQ, Scatterer EVE About [1m] and 45 seconds. Another 5sec pause to menu. Full screen 1080p, all settings maxed. 1.7.3 / MH+BG About 35 seconds, same pause, also maxed settings. 1.6.1 RO About 5 mins. All from an SSD on an MSI laptop w/8th Gen I5, 1080ti and 16gRAM.
  8. Took a moment to appreciate a sunset before calling for recovery.....
  9. There are still part bugs in MH. No indication they will ever be fixed. Would be weird to visit polishing features when the basics can't be made to work.
  10. Kerbal Space Program, JNSQ mod, Apollo Style Single-Launch Minmus and Mun Mission. Launch re-recorded due to file corruption. Managed a 2nd biome hop on both bodies, as well. Still in hard mode career, so some rocket parts may seem primitive.
  11. Continuing my JNSQ hard mode career (No reverts/permadeath), Today I completed another Apollo style mission. 1 launch, Both moons. A video will follow soon.
  12. vid You didn't specify whether big or massive, but here's the only vid I have. It's a 75m station spine sent up in a single launch. Have also launched 100m and 250m sections for later projects, without vids because framerate killed PC and physics.
  13. Just curious, the main engines are balanced OK but when RCS is triggered, it just seems 2x as loud as it needs to be. I can't seem to find separate controls.
  14. This was way over built, as mission requirements were 3crew w/hab direct ascent to Kerbin from shores. But it does kinda illustrate the Δν comments, as it left the ground with about 7500m/s (vac). Feel free to glean any info you want from it.
  15. Finally finished my JNSQ mod, Hard Mode career, Apollo Style Mission. Complete video, not much free time to polish editing, so here it is trimmed for time.