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  1. Eve, and the many rescue missions for my first lander, sure made for some memories. Best of luck!
  2. I haven't noticed any big changes in several versions; It's purely anecdotal, but the first thing I do in every update is to launch a stock KerbalX to a Munar landing and return to Kerbin. One thing I have consistently done for many versions is be able to complete the mission with about 4-500 m/s Δv remaining. It is just my personal way of checking new versions.
  3. Roasted some chestnuts on an open fire... Because Jeb forgot the marshmallows.
  4. Still playing around with my stock save on a notebook. A self challenged goal of docking as many stock craft to an asteroid station as part count allows. Today, a nuclear variant of the Mallard joins the all stock craft party. Also pictured: Kerbal X, Kerbal 1-5, Slim Shuttle, Dynawing Shuttle, Learstar 1A, And an Aeris 4a.
  5. I have also had a Mallard start spontaneously spinning around on axis (yaw) to the right after landing and stopping at the island airfield. Wheels were sliding like they weren't there, brakes were on, engines off, no trim or reaction wheels active. Couldn't reproduce.
  6. This morning I uploaded a short vid of a heavy boost vehicle I built and launched for a user who supplied a 1kiloton station. https://upload-video.net/a1117QEaL12 This evening, stuck playing stock game on a netbook, so flew a stock craft (Slim Shuttle) to a Station Core. When I can't be on my modded saves, It's still fun to fly.
  7. Even if most of my installs are highly modded, sometimes I find myself traveling with a notebook. The current stock game is all this poor little rig can handle. It is still enjoyable to get a Kerbal session stock, and one of my favorite activities is just grab a couple of the pre-built craft to launch and rendezvous. Here we have the Dynawing Shuttle and the Aeris 4a.
  8. Gumdrop and Spider, Apollo IX. Orbital testing of the stack revealed a problem with the fuel cells (there weren't any).
  9. Also haven't seen mention of Cupcake Landers. Pretty entertaining content.
  10. 1. Yeah, where the heck is ShadowZone? 2. @5thHorseman I guess I was oblivious to your channel, subscribed now. 3. Had to vote Raiz Space on this one, because lately I've leaned on his content for learning RSS/RO. The sheer amount of original content and historical reenactments he's published shows a lot of dedication. 4. Scott Manley got me started and always keeps my respect, but lately most of his content is historical and science news. I treated this poll as "KSP content", and voted accordingly.
  11. Finally, My 1.7.3 install of Realism Overhaul is up and running. Insisted on getting Scatterer and RSSVE running first. To orbit in a FASA Atlas/Mercury. Also in JNSQ, added a skybox from @JadeOfMaar, along with faint, Minmus flavored rings from Minmar Kerbin mod.
  12. [JNSQ] Rendesvous and careful approach... 600m diameter Glimmeroid.
  13. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/134672-harvard-cracks-dna-storage-crams-700-terabytes-of-data-into-a-single-gram
  14. Could be my rig or Windows then, can reproduce consistently on this machine. Don't think it has anything to do with JNSQ. Mostly just a post to help if anyone else has the same issue.
  15. Just thought I would share a couple of tips learned over the past couple of days. 1. If you are a full screen player, change one of your installs to windowed mode (resolution doesn't matter, just make sure full screen is off) BEFORE deleting settings.cfg in your JNSQ install. I think it's a Windows issue, but the mouse was disabled if opening a fresh cfg-less KSP if the previous session was full screen. YMMV. 2. For the Pood's skybox fans using Sigma Skybox replacer, don't use current 0.5. Revert to 0.4.0 for a plug-and-play sky box.
  16. Is there a place I can verify that in the cfg? The only reason I ask, when shooting vids a while back if I didn't go in and slide it all the way right each time I opened KSP, I would see Minmus for instance look like low detail upon arrival. Not to be a pain I hope. Just frustrating. This is a wonderful mod, just this one issue bugs me.
  17. May need help. On the latest update today, I deleted the settings.cfg as suggested. However I still get the [new text] displayed in the terrain settings instead of high or JNSQ high. I know this was a previous issue; has a fix/workaround not been found?
  18. Sounds right. Even in stock, after much time spent optimizing ascent profiles, I achieved a direct ascent from 200m and return to Kerbin for about 7500 m/s total. Believe it was vac Δv, though. Eve is often reported to need much more because of the huge difference in ascent profiles and craft construction, (my opinion). Haven't tried Eve in JNSQ yet. Just finished Hard mode career tech tree playthrough in the intial release version, and updating to current today.
  19. Only problem with any of this as others have pointed out, is asteroid masses in this game are ridiculously small. How would you accomplish anything on a body that has an escape velocity of mm/s. Put a Kerbal on Gilly, see how hard it is just to walk, then multiply that by a million. http://www.hayabusa2.jaxa.jp/en/topics/20181225e_AstroDynamics/ Here's an example for a 450 Million Ton rock.
  20. This is incorrect... The station I pictured above was built entirely stock, without cheats. All 17 asteroids were flown to the spine. The spine was launched legit. That's Gilly... An E class asteroid would have so little gravity that standing up or walking would be escape velocity.
  21. Can confirm. It will even pick parts from mods if they are installed. One rescue I remember, wound up being a bi-plane cockpit in Munar orbit.
  22. Saw it on Instagram... her art is awesome. Good luck.
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