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  1. is there a 1.3.1 version for this mod? If so where can i find it ?
  2. thank you two for helping me but my game works now! Running through my mods solved the issue, again thanks you two!
  3. ok, i'll be sure to do this. also, yeah i know, sorry lol. It was late when i posted this and i couldnt think of another way ahaha
  4. Well thank you two for trying to help me but i should probably go to bed, i'll return to this tomorrow however
  5. alright, here's the ksp.log!tMNGWQIJ!UkaPYj8YI81W130XO33nQR1PIJ7DLaeX7chf2O5tlVg and output!YBFg1CjJ!3WFZ7aW62q3FEiRpzJYUl9zQ7RyFUCSe7eL-lCp8lW4
  6. hmm ok, and yeah i can but idk where to find those, they dont exist within the crash log so just give me a bit to look...
  7. oh what, ok thats really stupid. Well here is the key AMpc7oA9m8oeus85DJd2mw and no not all of my mods are for 1.3.1 but what i dont understand is why it has always worked up to this point, just one day it crashed and its been this way for like 2 weeks idk its very strange
  8. i play in 1.3.1 here's my mod list Here's my error log!FJF3mIDT!AMpc7oA9m8oeus85DJd2mw im sorry im not good at this lol its late at night, im tired, i just want to play ksp. I've tried validating my game files and everything, nothing seems to work
  9. yes, i looked an autostruts are 100% off for every part and the parts do the exact same thing
  10. mattthenub

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    i dont see his post on the first page...
  11. mattthenub

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    ah i see another question, is it possible to store material kits?
  12. mattthenub

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    So can any part be turned into a mobile workshop? And if so is it possible to raise the effiency of said part?
  13. where is the option to visualize autostruts located in the shift alt f12 menu?
  14. yeah, adding parts to different groups does help but now when i try to move any part of the arm it causes the whole build to spas out.
  15. Thanks for helping, and do you have any idea as to why the station arm doesn't appear in the GUI?