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  1. yes, i looked an autostruts are 100% off for every part and the parts do the exact same thing
  2. mattthenub

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    i dont see his post on the first page...
  3. mattthenub

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    ah i see another question, is it possible to store material kits?
  4. mattthenub

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    So can any part be turned into a mobile workshop? And if so is it possible to raise the effiency of said part?
  5. where is the option to visualize autostruts located in the shift alt f12 menu?
  6. yeah, adding parts to different groups does help but now when i try to move any part of the arm it causes the whole build to spas out.
  7. Thanks for helping, and do you have any idea as to why the station arm doesn't appear in the GUI?
  8. here you go on the screenshots in flight in SPH
  9. no, i built a simple robotic arm, with rototrons or whatever, some pistons and a claw. However in the SPH it showed all parts, and in flight it only showed the base rototron. And when i place a station arm i do not see it in the GUI
  10. My game crashes while trying to use this mod, i installed it from curse and moved it into my GameData folder, launched my game and it crashed, am i supposed to have it in my BDArmoury folder?
  11. ok great, got that installed and i have all the parts except the sampler and station arm. I do have the gui, however when im in the SPH it works, but when i get in game the ui only shows one of the IR parts and when i use it it rotates the whole craft.
  12. no i dont have anything like that. In terms of installation, i just took the folders from the mega download link, and moved them to the GameData folder and what not
  13. Hey so i got the mod itself to work, however i dont have the ability to use any parts, i can use right click but i dont have the servo menu like i'm supposed to have. Help please?