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  1. Chelsey

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    I tend to be rational
  2. Chelsey

    What did you do in KSP today?

    i have done absolutely nothing today, job got in the way
  3. Chelsey

    Nymon's presentation

    Hi bro & welcome aboard
  4. Chelsey

    Has anyone seen a launch?

    Atlas 401
  5. Chelsey

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    German marches
  6. Chelsey

    The Travel Thread

    I have been to Hong Kong and Singapore on vacation
  7. Chelsey

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Today I found the crispest of all memes.
  8. Chelsey

    What are your craziest dreams?

    I was a dog