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  1. wow it's been a while since someone last replied to this topic
  2. Is there an easy way to turn this mod from 1.4.2 to 1.2.2??
  3. Thanks for the analysis! By any chance do you know what dll i would have to manipulate in order for the files to work correctly together??
  4. Dude I have that same problem. I'm trying to ask Nertea about a possible compatibility with the newer version of this mod to 1.2.2..
  5. Version of the mod for 1.2.2 I am trying to make a multiplayer ksp interstellar warfare server with lots of mods. I have tried to install the older version of this mod (stockalike station parts expansion), but it wasn't nearly as good as this version in 1.4. I would just download 1.4 but some of the mods I have are only for 1.2 and if I try to reinstall all of the mods it would take quite a long time and some of them wouldn't even make it to 1.4. So is there a possibility that you could release this update for 1.2.2. If you don't want to that is completely fine.