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  1. Hmm... That explains my problem. In my case Kermes has velocity around 3300 m/s.... while passing Duna. The orbit that I've built is wrong... I guess that I have to replay from the point of refueling Kermes.... And 60 min travel on the Rover one more time ))))
  2. What is the relative velocity at rendezvous point (Kermes and Kres4) in your case?
  3. Could you give a hint on the maneuvering... I tried different types of orbits to achieve an encounter but still get around 1,5k m/s difference on encounter With such gap there is no chance to dock...
  4. Hi, Mikki! Thanks, mission is really great!!! Have you got any tips how to meet Kermes with Kres4? I have not enough dV to equalize speeds for docking....
  5. Thanks! I've just bumped in the same issue! Couldn't attach extra z-200 to my satellite with a wrench and didn't understand why.... In the manual, there is no word about that