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  1. Oh ok thank you, ill try reverting to an earlier version of kopernicus. Im not using kss 0.7 cause i don't like the newer versions of ksp and reverted to using ksp 1.2.2 for its stability on my very low end pc
  2. Hi new here and kind of desperate as well lol. so here's the problem i have ksp 1.2.2 and KSS 0.6.1 along with Kopernicus 1.2.2-11 and the distant objects mods installed , they used to work just fine till i installed some more and wrecked the structure (its a talent) ^^ so i uninstalled everything and played stock for a while but today (more like yesterday) i reinstalled KSS and i get a blank kerbin , voon and oran are also enveloped in a white- ish membrane looking atmo lmao. can someone point out where I've messed up thanks alot and im very sorry if this question was already reso
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