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  1. Sir, you had me at "bug fixes". Speaking only for myself, a more stable game experience is way more important than new parts or texture revamps, so a very sincere THANK YOU SQUAD!
  2. Hi Kerbalists Anyone else finding KAL1000 loses all its tracks? Very frustrating when your vessel loses control over all robotic parts. Happening to me 100% of the time now. ES
  3. Yep, had the exact same problem. No solution I'm aware of, so had to cancel the contract.
  4. Oh come now, that's so unfair! They respond like greased lightning to technical problems with the payment system for DLCs etc! ES
  5. For anyone interested, looks like an old bug has been reintroduced whereby CoM sits in the wrong place. Lovely. https://steamcommunity.com/app/220200/discussions/0/618460171326994360/
  6. Hi all Did the centre of lift / drag on the mark 1 capsule change with the new DLC? Started a new save, and the capsule seems extremely unstable on reentry. The CoD is below the CoM, so on reentry it wants to flip, which is the converse of how the capsule shape is supposed to function (i.e passively stable, heat shield down.) Anyone else seeing this? ES
  7. Awesome! Great to hear we're getting some of the newer features on console!
  8. Hi guys So on xbox I cant copy parts any more; holding X and A doesnt seem to register. May sound minor, but in actual fact stops you building anything complex without manually trying to make the same thing over and over again, which never ends up perfect. So for instance if I want multiple satellites on one launcher , i have to make them all individually, and inevitably end up with errors, imbalances etc. Anyone come across the same? Cheers ES
  9. Well I dont know what happened, but this patch seems to have broken several things: - frame rate lag in atmospheric flight is appalling - wheels have no traction except on Kerbin - landed craft continually slide around on planets other than Kerbin. They continue to move around at 0.1m/s , making construction almost impossible - coupling or decoupling nodes sends the craft into convulsive spasms, leading to unavoidable destruction. SQUAD - speaking as someone who has just doubled down by buying the DLC, this is completely unacceptable. You cant keep taking our
  10. Yes, something's not working correctly with wheels on other planets. I've done a few rovers in the last couple of days that work fine on the runway, but then have no traction on another planet, despite much fiddling with the friction and traction settings.
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