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  1. Rockets, but with spaceplane-shaped payload (without reentry capabilities). Since I got a refueling station on Minmus, I just dump stuff that can get to minmus to refuel. If anyone ever needs to return to Kerbin, I have a space station in KLO preapared to produce and launch small re-entry capable capsules. (for tourists mostly, and sometimes pilots needed for a new craft)
  2. Having played all civilization games (except the spin offs) I can tell you that no, its not just graphics, a lot of mechanics are polished, new ones are introduced, etc.
  3. I think that Kerbals unknowingly being inside a simulation of a solar system is deep enough. Like some kind of Matrix. Kerbals could not exist in reality, and their universe and society is cartoonishly human-like. But from their point of view, they are real and alone in the universe, unaware of the human forces that compell them to get into poorly designed rockets with little to no contingency plans.
  4. Also, I dont think I can trust all my satellite needs to a random kerbal, not when I have Bob and Jeb
  5. the only way then, would be docking it inwards instead of outward, if the ship passes through the center of the station, and the mass of the ship is closest to the center of the station (and it doesnt brreak your ship apart) it might work. regretably I dont have ships/stations with those stats to test anything.
  6. Also, you could put your ports to scoop up the ship as it passes near the circle, but it will be a violent docking. The pro is that in needs less manouvering, since one you aligned, you just need to almost match the speed at wich the station is rotating. I have ilustrated what I understood you wanted first, and what I proposed in the second graph. https://imgur.com/a/ujvTP7w Reference: black = rotating station Blue = a ship Red = Port direction Green = Manouver? First time posting pictures in this forum, so no idea if it will work.
  7. I installed a life support mod, while I had a crew stranded at Mun. I run some numbers, and it was cheaper to hire a new pilot than sending an emergency rescue mission. So I ehmm... voided their contract. (only one orange suit remains in my career mode). In my defense, I havent lost another orange suited Kerbal since then.
  8. Career mode for me, and Im still on my first run. I find the contracts and the managing part of the game very interesting, always keeps me busy and forces me to make ships for specific missions or under certain budget. For example, I made a nice ship to land on Mun, Minmus and return to Kerbin, costs 380K. After a botched mission, I was left with 290K, a crew stranded on Minmus and a rescue contract on the Mun, wich I needed to do to get money. If I was playing sandbox I wouldnt have changed the original prototype, but Career forced me to make a barebones version, (almost no electric charge, no comms, tiny landing gear, budget life support, no lights, ports or extra fuel, no RCS, no fancy solar panels, no heat shields, no autopilot, minimal reaction wheels, etc.). I wouldnt have had that challenge in Sandbox. Shaving 100K out of a ship that I already thought was balanced.
  9. I get that sort of stuff pretty often when I use Infernal Robotics parts and then I put them through a lot of stress, or non-lethal collissions. I havent had that issue yet when playing with stock parts. But when it happens, its permanent.
  10. I give the rockets proper names, but I also add the payload weight capacity, for example "Tiberius 18t." , or "Moebius 80t.", and then I add another name for the specific payload, for example "Tiberius 18t - Rescuer" (docking port, KLAW, winches, extra passanger room, etc. to pick up stranded kerbals). Or "Moebius 80t - Minmus lander". (nice legs, life support for the trip and some stay, robust electric system, etc.) It helps sort them out when you have a lot of ships saved. If you name your ship "Carl" and "Carl v2", "Carl v3", you have to load them to know what they have or what they can do
  11. I have those kind of moments all the time, sending probes without proper antennas, sending rescue teams to help the rescue teams. But the most notable one, was when I first started playing, after doing a bunch of suborbital and orbital flights, I was feeling pretty cocky at my string of successes, and sent a manned craft to the Mun, with intention to land. So everything is good, aproaching the mun, I figured I should save some fuel for the return, so I wont burn the engines, instead I will use my parachutes to slow down as I quickly aproach the Mun surface, this will save me TONS of fuel, "I am a genius" I think to myself. The exact facepalm moment was a fraction of a second after I pressed the spacebar