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  1. well, well....looks like @Beale is going to have a LOT of work next year to port Tantares to KSP2, but like he said, no one knows what the future holds, but anyway lets keep supporting his work in this awesome mod and hope for the best.
  2. hey @Beale wanna know about your future plans, maybe fixing us the n1 craft file? and about the sovet spacecrafts, any possibility of adding the venera series?
  3. is it a additional mod or part of tantares? wanna try it out, tell me how.
  4. Finally finished my station, combining Skylab, Salyut and Mir modules into a single massive orbital workshop! (may also build another based on a Mir/Zarya/Zvezda design when the .craft files for those modules are available)
  5. umm... @Beale kvant-2 .craft file ain't on the dropbox folder
  6. actually all i need is the mir modules .craft files to finish my station, and since bobcats files still have rights on them, are you at least allowed to use it's Priroda module as a reference to make a Tantares version?since its the only module i haven't seen on tantares.
  7. hey @Beale i managed to find bobcat's soviet parts..well since the mod itself and it's creator haven't shown up in the last 3 years i assume its ok to remake it or better yet, merge it into tantares. here's the link i found of the parts: btw these are fairly old build but is the latest one, apparently you gotta update it to work with 1.7 since currently it only works with ksp 1.2.
  8. Now, i know that Bobcat's Industries mod has long since vanished alongside Spaceport, buf if any good soul around here managed to save it alongside its .craft files (especially the MIR space station) would anyone be so kind as to send them over to me? i know there is a mir space station in Tantares but its modules .craft files are missing from the dropbox folder ( incompatible with latest tantares release, gotta remake them) also accepting the Mir Modules.craft from tantares (latest known compatible version)
  9. @Beale in that case, if you still have the older .craft files that are compatible with their respective version of tantares would you mind sending them over? trying to attach a image from url but seems to not be working, anyway, here's my version of a "International Skylab" using Tantares alongside RN_Skylab and RN_Salyut. I attached a habitable Polyus to one of MIR's docking ports to replace Priroda (not at the right spot but whatever). Will add the other modules as soon as .craft files are available.
  10. To @Beale: Gotta say, i love how this mod evolved in the last year, but i still wonder why the .craft files keep changing with the release (some crafts like the mir modules and zvezda and zarya that used to exist went missing from the dropbox folder), i wonder why.... To anyone else (and also @Beale if possible): if you happen to have backups of BobCat's Industries's MIR files, would you please be so kind as to send them to me? might also send them to beale if he doesn't have them so he may retrofit or incorporate them into Tantares. (apparently they were really high quality parts, so much so that they were used alongside Tantares and RN_Salyut mods on Kevin Gustafson's "International Skylab" and "Mir" KSP youtube videos.)
  11. anyone knows how to fix the issue with the lunar module where somehow i can't go on a EVA, it always says "hatch is obstructed,can't exit".
  12. @raidernick you say RO has the .craft files, i did check them and can guarantee you that there is NO n1 file there
  13. aw man too bad u dont have the old files anymore, hope to see new uploads soon! (but seriously, fixing the n1 is a priority, was really disappointed when i loaded the craft and only the second stage loaded)