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  1. Update; fan wasn't strong enough, i accidentally parried the fan and chipped a big chunk off i gotta buy a new fan now
  2. I crashed my game, To be fair my rocket did look like a.. Uh.. Ermm.. Anyways- But it also crashed firefox and discord oddly enough.. I think if I was running KSP 2 it would have been worse though so I count this as a win. Oh I also bought KSP 2 and refunded it after finding out everything was broken but that's less notable.
  3. Sweet, Might as well see what happens.
  4. Crap, I've been looking for JNSQ Parallax 2.0 for quite a while, At least it works with 1.0..?
  5. Actually, I have another question. Which scatterer version do I use? I've tried the more recent versions but the outer planets and strangely Venus and Titan break when using these. I know JNSQ requires an older version or the gas giants break, Does KSRSS need an older one as well? (Scatterer was installed using CKAN)
  6. Thank you! Sorry, I hadn't considered it would be in the post pages. I expected it to be on the post itself. I won't make this mistake in the future!
  7. Why do some people claim to have the mod? The download says coming soon. Is it an early access type thing?
  8. Could someone make a list of all mods that are kind of "restock styled" like, using most part mods feels weird because they clash with the polycount of restock parts or just aren't as high detail. (That's not a bad thing, Just preference.)
  9. Should I use KIS or the stock inventory? Using both feels wrong and seems to be incredibly buggy.
  10. Hope someone makes a custom Jool config to at least get us through until BlackRack releases the official (and perfect) one, I tried myself but I didn't get past the "Combine all other cloud layers to make the omega cloudmap" step. We were allowed to mess with the configs right? Just asking.
  11. I know this is incredibly old (Duna's probably been done better now, I'm still just reading all the posts.) but I love Duna's look here. Duna never was a realistic mars analogue, I always disliked how they lowered the red in the remake, and hated how in Parallax they made it a more realistic orange-ish color completely contrasting the deeper red visible from orbit/in the map view. A return to the old red is in order! Damn, I found this page looking for a tutorial on how to make custom EVE effects, And I've left with a new mod bookmarked. This is perhaps one of the best mods for the game ever made, I do have one question though. How will you manage the upcoming release of the true volumetric clouds in EVE Redux? Will the pack not come out until it has a config for those or will it release without them at first?
  12. Now that the Mun Arch has been turned into an alien diagram of the ksp solar system, I'd like to say that I was sort of right that it was weird?
  13. There is an arch on the mun in KSP 1.3.1 (2016-ish version, Long before KSP 2.) That has the following coordinates. 2' 24' 3" N and 81' 29' 29" E (Ignoring the east coordinates since they seem random.) Kerbal Space Program 2 is releasing on Febuary 24'th, 2023. (2,24,2023) The Mun arch is located at 2' 24' (202)3" N (Added the 202 for clarification, The actual coordinates are above as "2' 24' 3" N") Here's some images if you don't believe me.
  14. I'd think they're doing that with Jool, On the steam page there's a gif at the bottom that shows a probe descending into the clouds and it looks like there's quite a few layers. Maybe not for Kerbin but for Eve and Jool multiple layers works amazingly.
  15. I feel like the clouds fit the semi-cartoony style perfectly. They look like someone drew them onto the planet. Also, You can see a grey line on the horizon in the first image, Probably fixed by now but damn.
  16. KSP 1 doesn't feel right without the Kevin Macleod music, And the thought of it being hidden in the options or worse, Gone entirely is worrying. Will KSP 2 keep the old music as an option? Or will mods have to do this?
  17. Confusing warning! I have no loveing clue what causes any of this, Please just read the TL;DR below and skip the details. TL;DR Parts crashing or going EVA causes it to flash and lag, But pausing seems to reset and fix it, I have no clue why this happens. The weird part: (Just for clarification, I did this twice and roughly the same thing happened both times minus extra lag on the first attempt from loading all the assets so its not a fluke.) Shortly after my first message, I swapped from the Crater Crawler to the Dove since I hate driving and wanted to do another test. So I fired it up and went to a nearby pine forest, Roughly where the EVA incident happened, Upon arrival I EVA over the forest; The ground flashes and the lag returns just like last time. So after this I paused for a few seconds, After un-pausing, The lag was gone? I'm kind of taken aback by this and forget about the jet I just leapt out of. After it slams into Kerbin, The ground flashes again and the lag returns. Pausing fixes this as well. I'm going to test this a third time after posting for good measure but I'm reasonably confident this is consistent For the record, My specs are AMD Radeon RX 5500 8GB VRAM AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6-Core Processor Shader Model 6.0-ish? (The Adrenalin menu broke recently so I'm going off memory here.)
  18. It seems be fixed now, It only flashes once and my fps stays acceptable. I believe it flashed twice last time? But I'm not sure, and that is from my goldfish memory. Edit: Oh was I wrong, Update coming soon I need to figure out how to write this down.
  19. I think my heart would implode seeing Jools clouds truly being given the love they deserve, Its one of the main reasons I'm excited for KSP 2. (Aside from it being KSP 2 of course.) AMAZING work as always, Your making KSP beautiful again.
  20. I wonder if someone will revive this in the future? Patch it up and make it fully work for modern versions like AVP - Beyond did . This is a great visual pack and it doesn't deserve a death stuck on 1.6 with only broken workarounds to save it. With KSP 1 now dead and only getting occasional bug fixes when something goes REALLY wrong, Its not that far fetched to assume eventually someone will pick up where this left off.
  21. Why does the description boast about "7 cloud layers for Jool at up to 8k," But when approaching Jool to get a look at these layers, they all bug out and disappear? I would love to post an image of these, But I literally can't.
  22. I have a weird issue when exiting a craft on kerbin. Usually, Everything runs fine; It's just swell ramming my kerbals heads into mun rocks, But after landing on Kerbin, Once I exit my craft to explore whatever pine forest I just landed in, My fps drops from 70 to 10-12 and the grass/trees flash for a few seconds, I did some testing and it seems to drop fps only once I exit my craft. Otherwise its fine. Does anyone else have this problem?
  23. I'll admit, I made this account when I was pretty young and inexperienced with the game. And I made some stupid regrettable posts asking really really dumb questions; So I want to get rid of 'em, How do I go about removing a post? Thanks in advance!
  24. we-- i gue- well you have a good point. i should start playing ksp off ckan becaus i dont. i just confiq things. thx for telling me but i was only using eve but i WILL use both to make dis post acuret lol mispell
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