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  1. I have no clue how to balance the missions lol.
  2. Makes sense. I considered making the Ion reactor have a setting to make electricity, but I never got to it. As for the Hyper drive inline, the new name is cool, so I ought to change that. I always disliked the energy consumption for certain parts even if its realistic. so I think ill make it use a small amount of ION instead. and 2x as large would actually fit better with most parts. I really do enjoy this feed back and will dedicate an update to you my friend and to any who want to see cool updates like such! Also, yeah this mod is meant for endgame if you use it in career, and has implements for that, so you can use it for that just if you want. Because if you're that advanced already you might as well use this. Or use it for absolutely absurd payloads, (I once had one 600k+) when you can use stock without killing your game.
  3. Thanks, I was to lazy to add that from site. LOL!
  4. The New patch should fix the tweak scale! it might say error still as ive noticed, but it will still work Also teaser for others that look at these posts, I plan to re-name and organize the engines and perhaps make a new tab for convenience, it will take a while but it will be better hence forth! Also remember I'm just an amateur modder!
  5. This Mod has been released for a while now, but I never made a site for people to comment! On Curseforge my mod has risen to one of the top mods rather fast! and so I am here to give my support, and to receive feed back on what to do. Unfortunately, because I have little time because of school and life, the mod will stall until I get a good Idea or some on suggests it and I can put the time into making it! If anyone uses this mod in a video, please tell me, I would be greatly humbled by it! Here's a link to my curseforge! https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/hyper-drive Also take a look at my other mod MULTI ROLE KERBALS! The perfect addition to anyone seeking a special mission team of elite kerbals!
  6. Hey y'all. To simply put my cry for help. I've got a small volume ~6000 ton payload and want to get it to ~100 km orbit. Note I have the following mods KerbalResuabilityExpansion KerbalTek KIS/KAS MechJeb2 Tweakscale FShangerExpansion EasyVesselSwitch. I tried with all my masterful techniques but failed. (Jk just really don't wan't to make it myself) Who ever makes this booster will get the reward of seeing this amazing mission succeed that I have planned. I call It The Intrepid-1 (Get ready for the biggest, coolest, and most meaningfully expensive mission ever!) Thank you!
  7. I am a modder and am trying to make an engine that goes to higher thrusts based on its velocity. But I'm having trouble getting it right. Could anyone tell me how i could set this straight?
  8. Perhaps you could alter the code so that all that is required is control of the vessel and not a specific type of kerbal, which could lead to shorter code. just put a requirement for it to be a specific kerbal trait that allows it to access certain science parts, then it would be (I think) compatible with mine and probably any others like mine
  9. Hello I'm a new mod creator and have been using For science for a while now, but just hit a snag with one of my mods and yours. I've created a mod that allows for new types of kerbals, but for science doesn't seem to be compatible. If you could expand the dll to allow my mod that would be awesome. I only know how to do mods with just the cfg files, so i couldn't do it myself. (Besides its your mod) My mod is Multi-role Kerbals on curse forge. You dont have to fix it but it would be incredible if you did. (I'm also using 1.3.1 but you could just do it for the public on 1.4.3 if mine becomes popular)