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  1. If I were standing in that spot on Mars, and saw this with my own two eyes, would the colours be the same?
  2. this engine may not look like much, but for me it’s the result of a long period of trial and error in trying to design a practical and aestetically pleasing piston engine for kerbal space program. it uses one mod, which is tweakscale. i really tried to go full-stock but the engine would have been too bulky. i hope you will enjoy it as much as i do. To start it simply stage the jets and give it some throttle. action group 1 toggles the propellor, which you should do, when using is in an aircraft at about 30m/s don’t give it full throttle right away but wait until about 15m/s otherwise the pistons will overheat. at normal flying speeds it won’t overheat but to make it a little easier to use i reccomend just disabling max temperatures in the cheat menu. https://kerbalx.com/theflyingdutchman/Radial-piston-engine-for-vintage-aircraft
  3. I honestly never expected them to reuse them that many times, amazing!
  4. Where did you read that they are removing the tiles? I certainly can't find it..
  5. I agree, this corresponds with my own knowledge on the subject.
  6. The original Wright flyer flew in 1903, the one sold to the army was a later model.
  7. If it was not clear yet... My opinion of Arca is not positive and I do not think their concept will work and is stupid.
  8. Ridiculous design. It has been tried before and it didn't pan out. I believe there is a Scott Manley video about this. The company thought that making a very simple pressure fed rocket stage and bolting as many as needed together was a good idea. Edit: It was the otrec (or otrac) rocket system. 4:10
  9. 2026.. I wonder if fh will even still be flying by then. Perhaps it can do things that ss/sh can't? One reason I can see is boosting it beyond Leo. Starship would have to be refueled for that right?
  10. Mainly because of professional drivers I think.
  11. Lots of intakes which hold residual intake air? Doesn't work in space because the jet engines in ksp require atmospheric pressure to work.
  12. would it be an idea to have a category and badge for eve ssto's?
  13. Does anyone know why there are no tiles at certain heights of the ship?
  14. A news site from my country said startship might me launching next week but that's impossible right?
  15. I have kind of tuned out sadly.. FAA delay after delay.
  16. I heard somewhere that there was another FAA delay and that instead of march the approval may take until the end of the year, is this true?
  17. Pinatubo was a 6 and that caused 1 degree Celsius of cooling. So perhaps 0.1? Athough I wouldn't be surprised if it's not linear but I'll leave that to the people who are good at math, I'm not. I'm not one of those luckily
  18. I'm surprised this topic doesn't exist already. In 1815 a big volcano erupted which caused the year without a summer. How do you think this recent eruption of the Tonga volcano will affect climate? of course this eruption is a terrible tragedy for the people living near the volcano and their friends and relatives. My heart goes out to them and I wish them the very best.
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