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  1. Hello, Thank you for your reply! Yes, I am using the little foot with the standard wheels attached so I can move the components from the landing zone to the base location. Usually every module begins with a corridor so I can keep the somewhat distanced from the main base body. As I approach the corridor port, I retract the wheels and leave just the little foot legs extended so that the corridor ports of the base and the module I'm about to dock are somewhat aligned; Then I go forward at around 0.1/0.2 of speed until it docks. I'll try with retracting the entire base down to the ground and see if that makes it easier, thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hello, I'm sure this question has been beaten to death yet I can't seem to quite get the keywords right when Googling; Has anyone figured out a reliable way of dealing with the base flipping over when docking new modules? I'm in the process of building a Minmus base for research and refueling, but it's almost impossible to get new parts connected due to the base launching in the air and flipping over as soon as the new module is docked.
  3. I think the only manual mod I've installed is the Mk2 stockalike parts, here's a screenshot of my game data folder - Also, I'm truly sorry how hard it is to diagnose this, if you feel like it's not worth it, I'd understand. As a separate note, if it'd be of any help, it looks like the MPL-LG-2 lab has a much higher process rate of 6.2812 with two 1 star scientists on board; Just got one on Minmus and the research is going much faster compared to the starting lab.
  4. @linuxgurugamer, sorry I should clarified I only used the USI LS example to give you an idea of the duration it took. On this screenshot in particular you can see my current save game - The mods I have installed currently are: (no LS of any kind this playthrough)
  5. So I started a new science career and decided to give myself a challenge and have only the KSC as a ground station (I like to live dangerously /s). Clearly, the first step in my grand design plan was to setup a nice relay network around Kerbin. Step 1: Bring up 4 satellites at 500k orbit. That felt too closed up and the connection was flaky, so Step 2: Bring them up to to 1,000k orbit. Brilliant, now it felt a bit better. But! I still had plenty of fuel and now I'm at the stage where it's easy to get higher orbit. That's right, Step 3: 5,000k orbit! All was fine and dandy until I lost a probe in Minmus orbit due to no coverage.... Step 4: 10,000K ORBIT!!1! Yes! Now it's time to setup a single relay around Mun and Minmus, just to make my Tracking Station screen look like a rainbow. On the way to Minmus, I noticed one of my Kerbin satellites get a funky orbit for a moment while warping..... Dis bad. Double check my Tracking Station and indeed one of them intercepted the Mun so it's now at 20,000K+ orbit. That's ok, easy to correct. While correcting, one of the other ones got a funny orbit for a split second...... You guessed it, 15,000K+ outta nowhere. It's fine, I shall correct that one too. Couple of maneuver nodes and we're back on track... except, I see less green lines for some reason... My first relay is completely MIA.. A couple of quick speculations and accepting the fact it was on Equatorial orbit, I admit that it may or may not have been quickly re-classified into a Mun probe.
  6. I knew I should have paid more attention to math while I was at school. I'm sorry for the pointless question, should have figured it easily by myself. Thank for you for your speedy reply and help nonetheless, and thank you for the great mod!
  7. Thanks a lot, @linuxgurugamer! I'll try to get a lab to somewhere I haven't been before so I can put some experiment in it and screenshot the exact time (it was quite long, that I'm sure!) as well as provide you with a list! Edit: Okay, since my post wasn't approved anyway, might as well post here Here's a screenshot from a fresh career, there's a surface sample in the lab, in the top left you can see it took an year to get 0.048 science researched. Here's my mod list, sorry, I can't attach it for some reason - I originally noticed the "issue" in 1.6 after sending a mobile lab to Minmus, the one you can see on the back of the rovers here - Even with 2 scientists in it (level 1 and 2 respectively), the progress was extremely slow (I had around ~10 years worth of USI LifeSupport supplies and it wasn't even halfway done by the time my kerbals went through it), that's when I resorted to editing the configs, but it went from rate of like 0.0025 to something crazy like 25.*. I don't know if it'd be of any help, but those were the mods I had with 1.6 KSP - It is extremely like that I just fundamentally misunderstand the mod and how it work, so please, accept my apologies in advance if that is the case. Edit 2: I was wondering how did I come up with the years in particular and I remember it displays how long it'd take when you're about to put it into the lab. Here's another example as well -
  8. Hi @flart, Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask but I believe I'm facing a bit of an issue with CommNet Antennas * and I was hoping you'd be able to point out if I'm doing something wrong or I'm running into a bug of some kind. I have 4 satellites in Kerbin's orbit (at 5,000K orbit) equipped with double 32M relay antennas, 99% of the time, at least one of them is connected to the KSC. I sent a probe to Minmus, equipped with a 5M direct antenna from your mod as well, but as soon as it approached Minmus, the probe only chose to connect directly to the KSC, completely ignoring the relay network around the planet. As soon as the KSC left the horizon, the probe became inoperable. On this screenshot - , you can see that there's at least two satellites that are "visible" to the probe, and if I understand the range correctly, the 32M antennas shouldn't have any issues talking to the probe, yet, as soon as KSC is beyond the horizon, the probe loses connection immediately. Could you please let me know if I'm really overestimating the range of the antennas or something with the connection between the different vehicles is going wrong? Let me know if you need any additional information! Edit: Just to clarify - I'm running Science Career so my Tracking Station is Level 3 and the only ground station I have is the KSC itself; difficulty settings are set to requiring a connection to operate probes.
  9. Hey guys, A bit of a silly question but I couldn't find more information around and I don't think I have a clear idea on how the researchTime config works, but is there some kind of a table that would display specific researchTime numbers and how much that number is translated in in-game time? I personally find 19 years for a little bit of research with the starting lab to be pretty long time, especially since I don't use any mods related to build time and so on, so my careers tend to be shorted. I tried switching the number around but I ended up with research being completed in days, which isn't too "realistic" either. Trying to strike a balance between research taking forever and being done immediately.
  10. Hey Jammer, Thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely have a look into it! I noticed the issue only occurs with the starting fixed gear and the steering gear. The retractable gear doesn't seem to be affected by it at all.
  11. Hi guys, After the update tomorrow I'm running into an issue I haven't seen before - my space plane's wheels bounce like mad even though I'm using designs that are light and have worked in the past, as well as the wheel stress is sitting at 0 for all wheels. I highly suspect it's either due to the update or due to one of my mods now being behind, even though all the mods seem to be working without any issues. I've pasted a link to a video that displays what's happening as well as a screenshot of my CKAN. Game version is 1.4.4. Please let me know if you'd like any additional information and I'd try and get back to you as soon as possible. Video: CKAN:
  12. Hello everyone, New player here, I installed RemoteTech because I like the added bit of realism with probes, but there's something I don't understand completely - before installing the mod, my probes would connect to various places (bases?) across the globe as I got out of the range of the KSC, or at least it'd look like it on the global map, however after RemoteTech, it seems that the only place/base I can connect to is the KSC itself. Is there a reason behind that? Can I build different bases across the globe? Thank you in advance!