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  1. You noticed that! It's another mod I made call "Cape Kanaveral". Recreate the whole cape canaveral. Like Katniss's Cape Canaveral and Real KSC in KSP did but for KSRSS. It's still unreleased yet. Orion part shouldn't appear there because its completeness is too low. I uploaded the wrong file. (Don't worry I won't delete it) Cause it still under development, I didn't adjust fuel amount properly, just give it a rough number. If you can help me, I will be very grateful!
  2. DEVELOPMENT Dependencies: reDIRECT (J-2X engine) Bluedog Design Bureau (RS-68 engine) Photon Corp (SRB part) B9 Part Switch Community Resource Pack Simple Adjustable Fairings Recommend: Kertemis Program Modular Launch Pads Gallery:
  3. I'm not sure how to do that. I will ask CobaltWolf. It will. And 5 engines Adapter is also in plan. Yes
  4. Hey guys! Long time no see. Some of you probably already know that I'm working on a brand new mod about constellation program. It will content at least Ares-V rocket, some part of two type of constellation orion. I will make this mod be published as soon as possible. And some kertemis issue will be fix after that time.
  5. Probably. Some of the texture files are damaged somehow. Have you try reinstall the whole package? It might work.
  6. It seems not this mod's issue. Make sure you install all require mod. Or post the screenshot for more clues.
  7. You mean this? I need to take a break... Artemis program's orion carry only 4 crews. But if you still want or need 6 crews orion. Go to File: KertemisProgram/Patches/reDIRECT_Patch.cfg. And delete this line"%CrewCapacity = 4". 6 crew orion will come back.
  8. Don't download version 1.1.0! The patch file was malfunction. I will add some other orion parts that appear in constellation program. Like circular solar panel, RCS thrusters, 3.125m SM, antenna, etc. New texture, added parachute, capsule RCS thrusters, IVA,. Aye aye captain!
  9. I am considering add white paint and ares v upper stage look-like appearance, so it will have 1 and 2 J-2x engine mounts at that time. But it won't come up at next major update. It will be next update.
  10. It will be long term goal. For now, I still have trouble in module setting. So release this one booster as quick as possible will be the first goal. And about the shuttle-C mod, it is an early work. So it's very rough. But still very thankfully you like it. I think I will remake that mod and add heavy lift launch vehicle into it soon. This is first time I work on engine. So still work on it. Yes, Modular Launch Pads is a gorgeous mod. I can't play KSP without it. And thank you. Any detail about EUS with J-2x engine? Or you mean Ares V's upper stage? Ares V might need a
  11. I'll take this idea. But there are not much details about this booster. I even don't know it will be a solid rocket or a liquid fuel rocket. So it will be a little more difficult than what I did before.
  12. I think that might causing error to craft saving. Beside, I didn't take over reDIRECT. It is still benjee's project. So I tend to "add" something like extra nodes, rather than "change" parts. But still a good advice. Maybe I will add that adapterpart into mod in future. Thanks!
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