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  1. It can't. You should download B9 partswitch, than you will find the option for change left wing to right wing.
  2. You need to lock the arm when you launching, and if the object your arm grab have pod, need to turn torque down to zero.
  3. I try to make the starliner 3D model(texture is temporary), maybe I will make it to mod. (I'm not pro mod maker. Might need some help)
  4. I click all the link in first page, but still can't find out which one has IUS part (I don't know the name of part in game either). Maybe I'm too dumb. Could you give me the link or some other help?PLZ
  5. I wrote the code for new part(I chose [tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1_4] to add a new node)That is not difficult thing. But every time I launch soyuz in game, one booster always detach from main rocket somehow when rocket separate from launch pad.(I launch rocket from Woomerang Launch Site.)
  6. Soyuz's launch pad can't attach to current tantares' soyuz part. Would you fix that?(by the way, those new parts you work on so cool)
  7. Nice work! Can you add attached point under the fuel tank, so your shuttle can be put on module launchpad? And would you have plans to make recovery system or module for SRB?
  8. Does 2.5x system be able to work on game version 1.6.1 or 1.7.1? I can try this mod. Thanks for your reply.<3
  9. I have some suggestion : 1.The shuttle weight is too light. Compare with cormorant aeronology space shuttle with about 44 ton(including main 3 engine), your shuttle have only 24 ton. It can be easily launch to high orbit or even to mun. Real shuttle can't do that. 2.Attach power between body and wing is a little weak. It is easily broke wings event falling speed was under 10m/s. 3.Center of mass should located at the middle of shuttle. You should put more mass to the front of shuttle. Maybe you had already fix that, or maybe you think that is the best way. No matter what, just keep going. You have really done a great job. (P.S. I am not English speaker, please forgive me any misuse word.)
  10. That look awesome, can't wait for this shuttle. Would you make iva for Orion ,too?