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  1. What version your KSP, KSRSS and Cape Kanaveral you use? KSP1.8.1 -> KSRSS 0.6.1 -> CapeKanaveral-KSRSS 0.6.1 (On GitHub) KSP 1.8+ -> KSRSS 0.7 -> CapeKanaveral-KSRSS 0.7 (On both GitHub and SpaceDock)
  2. Emergency update 1.1.1 is released on github (I can't upload new file to SpaceDock now). My fault. I updated the wrong file.(gosh. I need to learn how to manage my project)
  3. New version of cape Kanaveral is released. It can fit in game 1.11.2 now! And this update come with a new part: Launch Pad 1. Enjoy!
  4. New cape Kanaveral for 1.11 is packing. This update will come with a surprise. Stay tuned!
  5. Make Baikonur Cosmodrome or Edwards Air Force Base or rework my shuttle-c mod. Those are possible options.
  6. I didn't touch it for a while. Because modeling a mod with few low quality pictures is a painful thing and it spend more time than I expect. So I turned to revamp Cape Kanaveral which I made it for fun last year. Konstellation program won't be abandoned .I will back to work on it someday.
  7. Current KSRSS doesn't support game version above 1.8.1. Maybe using 1.8.1 version KSP will fix your problem. And KK and kopernicus might need to replace to old version, too.
  8. Which version KSRSS and KSP are you using? Do you use the 2.5 sigma rescale? Those information might help me to find the problem.
  9. I made a mod to recreate Cape Canaveral for 2.5x KSRSS. Try it if you need.
  10. DOWNLOADS Spacedock | Github Require Mods: Kerbal Konstructs Omega's Stockalike Structures Tundra's Space Center Pics New Parts: Launch Pad 1
  11. It won't be recently. I still working on konstellation program and my school project. Next update will be some textures improvement only. However, I will publish a Cape Kanaveralâ„¢ mod recently.
  12. That is what I working on. I won't make this part. But I will make 5 engine's adapter and 5m EDS.
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