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  1. as far as parts go, i believe nuclear engines are lacking. but other parts are fine, besides squad is changing the textures(and there is restock for the complete overhaul).
  2. So, SpaceX has more launches than ULA and ESA this year. BUT don't forget abut rocket lab's insane kerbal-like plan of launching EVERY 42 HOURS. So SpaceX is making useful progress. And don't forget about Blue Origin they are making progress (sarcasm increases)
  3. I have a question: Do you plan on also making LC-39c (the new Mini-Rocket launch site in Ksc) or the Starship SSTO launch-sites (the crazy Elon-Like plan to launch starship like an SSTO)? Btw i really like your mod
  4. you forgot one: THANOS KERMAN.
  5. thanks but its not getting updates.
  6. I don't know why but it looks dead
  7. Don't stop doing what you can do. You can do everything in this game
  8. B1047 was scheduled to make a reflight, but i don't think its going to happen