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  1. Seven months ago, a Korean YouTuber '신용인의 게임채널(Sin-Yong-In's game Channel)' uploaded a video about Kerbal Space Program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxEFf7-YJ5M <- this link While watching, I noticed that I was familiar with the video and found that some of the videos were already on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sus6X0w1Zow <- SWDennis 'Unexpected Pacific Rim Jaeger' https://youtu.be/5poS1ZUiRQo <- Felix Lagoone 'ferris wheel in kerbal space program...' https://youtu.be/l2OY4N4TDmk?t=304 <- Gordon's Workshop 'KSP FAILS compilation #
  2. If you press the LEFT ARROW key and press the RIGHT ARROW key, the right will react preferentially. Conversely, if you press the RIGHT ARROW key and then press the LEFT ARROW key, the left will not be the priority but the right will still be the priority. Devloper HATE LEFT?(?) (This bug(?) is real) Plz stop the left disgust!
  3. Nice day! I'd like some fly gps satelite planes!
  4. ".....The world I know, in the 250th century, was not like this..." In 26110, there was a man who remembered the great universe age. The name is the universe. The characteristic aspect is the invisible person 's hometown is Minmus. His mother and father were slaughtered by militant belligerents and died. People would say that Universe does not talk about childhood well because it happened. Nobody knows why he entered the space industry, but anyway, he suddenly jumped into the space industry. I have to say that it is a shame to say that the building is poor and the facilities ar
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