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  1. Seven months ago, a Korean YouTuber '신용인의 게임채널(Sin-Yong-In's game Channel)' uploaded a video about Kerbal Space Program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxEFf7-YJ5M <- this link While watching, I noticed that I was familiar with the video and found that some of the videos were already on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sus6X0w1Zow <- SWDennis 'Unexpected Pacific Rim Jaeger' https://youtu.be/5poS1ZUiRQo <- Felix Lagoone 'ferris wheel in kerbal space program...' https://youtu.be/l2OY4N4TDmk?t=304 <- Gordon's Workshop 'KSP FAILS compilation #1' (5min~) Maybe there are more videos that I couldn't find. Anyway, he got 310,000 hits with this video alone. There was also talk that the video had a promotional effect. But, I thought there would be a big problem with copyright infringement. (In fact, compared to the number of views in this video, the inflow of the relevant native language community was confirmed to be very small.) I would appreciate it if you see this article and take action. (Youtuber..etc) Also Korean. We apologize for the infringement of copyright. (Using a translator.)
  2. If you press the LEFT ARROW key and press the RIGHT ARROW key, the right will react preferentially. Conversely, if you press the RIGHT ARROW key and then press the LEFT ARROW key, the left will not be the priority but the right will still be the priority. Devloper HATE LEFT?(?) (This bug(?) is real) Plz stop the left disgust!
  3. Nice day! I'd like some fly gps satelite planes!
  4. ".....The world I know, in the 250th century, was not like this..." In 26110, there was a man who remembered the great universe age. The name is the universe. The characteristic aspect is the invisible person 's hometown is Minmus. His mother and father were slaughtered by militant belligerents and died. People would say that Universe does not talk about childhood well because it happened. Nobody knows why he entered the space industry, but anyway, he suddenly jumped into the space industry. I have to say that it is a shame to say that the building is poor and the facilities are poor. However, the curators including the universe put all hope in this building. As they live and live in this facility in the future, they want to announce the opening of a new grand universe age. When they entered the experimental rocket. There was nothing inside. There was a small burden in the great void. What they found was a small booster engine, a few wings, a command pod and a small parachute. The science department hastened to do the reverse engineering, and thus produced the test rocket and atmospheric measurement rocket RE-0, which was built with the gOo, the advanced scientific exploration device. Though it was not a big rocket, and everyone was interested or not. All of the pilots wanted to board this rocket, and through the scissors rocks, which is the most equitable way in the world, this historic first rocket was on board the Jebediah. "It's ready. You can fire at any time." Jebediah is one of the few pilots who survived the previous great universe, as one of the four best pilots we have ever selected. Because most of the pilots were killed by a militant battle race that was mostly planetary aggression. Jebediah was also an elite among the elite who destroyed 20 enemy planes with a spaceship pilot at this time. " ...... Fire! " The rocket carrying Jebediah began a short but long adventure, with the words of Cuff Carvall, who was in charge of the launch party. The rocket's interception to the sky was infinite. A moonlight shone brightly, not least of which he showed promise. But the small engine stopped faster than everyone thought. Jebediah opened the device, saying, " Hmm ...... I'll open the head of science department ... " and started a major mission. However, the speed continued to rise a little after that and started to peak and come down again. Later, people said, it was better than anything. So this rocket roket finished its long journey and landed right next to the launch site. Did. At first, when Jebediah did not know how to do the parachute, the Ministry of Science and Technology team said to Jebediah, " SCE to AUX! " which was only necessary. Civilization may go in an unwanted direction. However, we are the ones who make it, and we are the ones who can change it. Let's make the kerbals great again. Jebediah and Universe are committed. -R.A. 1. Civilization can not always go in the right direction.- Curious questions and answers about this novel(May be) Q. Why is the sentence dirty? A. Because it was difficut to translate directly, and my English was not good enough(I am korean who wrote this), I had to translate it using a translator. If you leave more answers, I will answer the next question.
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