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  1. So, is this implemented? . Sorting the Astronaut Complex Also, is it possible to sort on astronaut type too or only names? I've always been looking for a way to group all pilots, engineers and scientists. It would also be nice to be able to sort by number of stars or a combination of all these: type, stars, name.
  2. I got those duplicated too, but I also couldn't control my Kerbal. If it works for you, then maybe I should check if a reinstallation would solve the problem. Do you also have the new DLC, Breaking Ground installed?
  3. Ok, that's something I didn't know. I'm always carefull to build the stations after the contracts are accepted, but I never considered tugs or other spacecrafts interacting with them. Not sure if this is the case for this station but it could well be, since I used quite a few tugs in its construction. This kind of denies the purpose of the tugs that I keep in space for builds and maintenance, so I think I'll be using the Alt + F12 solution quite often. ;-) Thanks a lot for the heads up!
  4. Hi, Can station contracts be completed when the station is assembled in space in smaller parts? I built a station around Kerbin for a contract but it never gets completed. I'm 100% sure that all requirements are satisfied but the contract list shows only the special parameters checked while the general parameter (must have an antenna, a docking port and generate power) remains unchecked. I have all these in the station, built with stock parts (to rule out mod issues), but they were assembled in different missions. Could that be the issue? I would ask if I could complete it by editing the save file, but just learned from another post that we can solve it with the debug menu (Alt + F12). I guess that's what I'm going to do but would still like to know if there are restrictions to how we build a station to fulfill a contract's requirements. Thanks, Marconi
  5. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or a feature (and I'm missing something in the description), but today I couldn't control my Kerbal in EVA. It seems it had not stabilization control when the RCS was enabled. AFAIK, SAS is the default when RCS is enabled in EVA, isn't that right? Anyway, removing this mod solved the problem. Could it be some problem with the new version or the new BG DLC? Here's what I'm running: KSP (Win x64) Making History 1.7.1 Breaking Ground 1.0.0
  6. I was also hoping for that, but there's still a huge warning on the first page to keep using Scatterer v0.0336. I guess that it will be published here when this restriction is gone. /Marconi
  7. No worries, I certainly invested waaay less time in the station than you have invested in creating, improving and supporting this mod. I have great respect and appreciation for the work you guys do, for free! Corrections done and station loaded again. Thanks for your quick support! /Marconi
  8. Wow, that's quick support! I found the files too. There's a .craft and a .loadmeta file. There're a couple of references to the antenna in the .craft file, once for the part it's linked to and another which seems to be its part definition. So, I believe I can simply remove the whole PART{} definition section and the line with the link in the other part definition. In the .loadmeta file there's only one line listing the part among several others. Again, I believe I should simply remove this line. Could you just confirm these are the things I need to do? I can then try myself... backing up the files first, of course. ;-) /Marconi
  9. Ok, thanks for the quick reply! But now let's see what should be the best way to fix it for me. The space station is not yet in space, except for the initial truss core, so I believe F9 or a backup are not the solutions. I built it in the VAB, saved it and would launch and assemble it in space in parts. So, I need to load the complete station in VAB first, which is not possible because of the missing part. The alternatives I see are: 1. Install the previous version of Tundra Technologies mod (I've not installed Exploration... yet) to be able to load the station and remove the antenna. I install all mods through CKAN, so I believe I'll have to do this manually, removing it from CKAN and installing an old version in the Gamedata folder. Is this correct? Where can I find an old version for download? 2. Edit the station file and remove the antenna. Just don't have a clue how to do it! Where do I find the saved rockets? If someone gives me a hint on where to find it, I might be able to figure out what and how to remove it. Any other alternative? Number 2 seems easier if I can find what to remove and where. Any help? /Marconi
  10. Hi all, Does this part belong to Tundra Technologies mod: TT.NewHorizons.Antenna? I cannot load my KSS (Kerbal Space Station) file because this part is missing. Not sure if it's because of the KSP 1.7 or TT 1.4.0 updates (unfortunately, I didn't check this file between those updates). Just thought that the "TT" prefix could refer to Tundra Technologies. Any ideas? /Marconi
  11. Hi! This mod looks amazing! I'd very much like to add it to my game, but I wonder why is it not available in CKAN. If I'm going to add it manually, should I be concerned with any known dependencies or conflicts with other mods? Is there support to USI Life Support? Thanks, Marconi
  12. Yes, I certainly agree with your approach. I'd be happy to have this balanced config file.
  13. Sure enough... I can report that Kerbal Planetary Base Systems has also been affected. I lost recycling capabilities in their parts. Hopefully, updates will come out to fix these issues.
  14. Thanks for the hint, but simply dropping it in the GameData folder or in a subfolder didn't work. Any other suggestion? /Marconi