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  1. Yes, I certainly agree with your approach. I'd be happy to have this balanced config file.
  2. It seems it did the job. Thanks for sharing!
  3. conao

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Sure enough... I can report that Kerbal Planetary Base Systems has also been affected. I lost recycling capabilities in their parts. Hopefully, updates will come out to fix these issues.
  4. conao

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Thanks for the hint, but simply dropping it in the GameData folder or in a subfolder didn't work. Any other suggestion? /Marconi
  5. conao

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I have noticed this problem too, but I think this is a global issue, not only related to the Space Station Redux pack. I checked all modules with extra Habitation values, from all the mods I have plus the stock ones, such as the Hitchhiker. All rigid modules show one Kerbal-Months value in the description, but use another one in the calculation = Kerbal-Months - CrewCapacity. All inflatable or expandable modules work fine, though. This causes the rigid modules to have a lower habitation value than expected. Some of them get 0 Kerbal-Months (e.g. K&K Planetary Central Hub from the Planetary Base Inc mod), since the extra habitation value is equal to the crew capacity, leaving them with an effective habitation that is not better than any small pod with no extra habitation value (i.e. 7d:3h). I could give a try to your CFG file, but I don't know where to drop it. I took a look in the mods' folders inside the GameData folder but found no such file. Is this to replace an existing file or is it a new one? Could you be so kind to tell me where to install it? Thanks, Marconi
  6. Many thanks for your answers, guys! I learned many things now. First, I thought that any probe core in the Command Pods category would work as a control point, which I now know not to be the case. Had also forgotten that by docking two vessels you kind of combine their equipment, so a vessel with a claw and an antenna would help (have just done a couple dockings so far, but actually, with claws). Good to know that a relay would work. Alternatively, I probably have the money to increase the Tracking Station another level. The one I already knew was the possibility to disable Comm Network, but that I don’t want to do. Let’s take the challenge to rescue the rescuer! :-) Thanks, Marconi
  7. Hi! So, the newbie here lost control of a probe that was sent beyond the moon on a rescue mission without a proper antenna. Wondering if there was a way to regain control of the probe, I read in the Wiki that another vessel can work as a control source. "Vessels without a Pilot require a link to a control source for full control (valid control sources are a vessel with an operational Probe Control Point, or more commonly the Deep Space Network on Kerbin)." So, I understood that another probe sent near enough the lost one, with a proper antenna this time, would help to regain control over the one that lost communication. By near enough I mean within the vessel-to-vessel range, calculated according to the power of both antennae (the 5k built-in into the first probe and the 2G Communotron DTS-M1 that I sent on the second probe). My calculation, following the Wiki instructions, resulted in a vessel-to-vessel range of around 3162 km. The two probes are not more than 2000 km apart now, but I didn't regain control over the first one. Did I understand or calculate anything wrong? Would a relay antenna work? Is the first probe lost forever? Thanks, Marconi
  8. conao

    FlyBy and science

    Ok, here's what I missed: the two icons that indicate when you get in and out of an SOI. I probably waited too long to take the science logs and by the time I did it, I was already out of the Mun's SOI. Thanks for your help guys! /Marconi
  9. conao

    FlyBy and science

    Thanks guys, that confirms what I thought it should be, so I must have done something wrong. Yes, I'm very new to the game, but I've learned what a SOI is... but maybe I'm still confused. :-) Let's try it again! /Marconi
  10. Hi, In Career mode, there's a contract that asks for a flyby on the Mun and to get science from it. However, if I try to get science during the flyby, although I'm in the SOI of the Mun, I get the science from Kerbin upper space, which doesn't fulfil the contract. I guess it's because I'm, in fact, still orbiting Kerbin. So, does anyone know if I need to get into an orbit around the Mun to get this contract fulfilled, although it says only flyby, not orbit? Or do I need to get closer to the Mun during the flyby, in which case, how close the flyby needs to be? Thanks! Marconi